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High Paying Hot Jobs in Dubai

Updated on March 12, 2013

Jobs in Dubai

Among the 7 Emirates of UAE, Dubai is one of the most flourishing and modern. Now several parts of UAE are expecting a rise in GDP of about 1.9 – 2.8 % in the coming year. Dubai is one such area which is visited by people from all over the world and thus tourism industry is the most revenue generating sector here. Apart from this, the oil and petroleum industry and finance sector are some of the popular areas that are making the country rich. Another segment that is now most popular is the construction business as so many malls and complexes are coming up in Dubai.

Dubai Skyline with Burj Khaleefa standing tall
Dubai Skyline with Burj Khaleefa standing tall


High Paying Jobs in Dubai

Some of the best jobs in Dubai that can be highly paying are mentioned below.

Jobs in the Medical Field:

People from medical fields can have good opportunity here. Various medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and many other are in high demand in Dubai. The most highly paid medical field is nursing. With so many big hospitals that are expanding their chains in Dubai, people are now having lots of career options open to different sectors of medical and health care and they can have good salary structure. A large number of national and international hospitals are also coming up in Dubai. Nursing is one of those careers that can have multiple benefits in Dubai.

One of the big reasons of choosing nursing as a career is that most of the big hospitals are always running short of nurses so this is one segment that has less chances of getting saturated. The other benefit that nurses have is that their salaries are tax free which lead to an extra saving. One fact about the jobs in nursing is that they will be on contract basis, so it is advisable to always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the it. Nurses can look for jobs in government as well as with the private practitioners and organizations. They can apply for jobs in general nursing, emergency care, surgery, pediatrics and geriatrics. Intensive care units require highly skilled nurses. In Dubai many leading as well as elder people hire nurses on private basis and these jobs are always highly paid ones.

Jobs in Tourism

The other most revenue generating and highly paid sector in Dubai is the tourism sector. Dubai is famous for its hospitality services and this is the main reason that most of the people are attracted to visit this country. Dubai is coming up with many big hotels and most of these hotels are five star hotels which attract tourists. People who are having some background in the hospitality industry can find the best deals in this country. As Dubai hotels are known to provide world class commodities to their visitors so they hire the best professionals for their hotels. One can look for opportunities of being a chef, receptionist, or accountant. Most of these hotels have hired their private lawyers that will be dealing with all the legal aspects. So there is a variety of career choice that Dubai hotels are offering.

Jobs in the Oil and Petroleum Industry

Apart from these, highly paying job options are available in the oil and petroleum industry. This industry always needs such people who are not much skilled or educated and these can find good jobs in these industries. People who are highly skilled and belong to oil and petroleum backgrounds are also offered good job profiles in varied management positions like the supervisors, contractors, researchers and many more. People who already have experience in this industry are better off as they are always offered a good package.

Jobs in the Financial Sector

Financial sector is another segment where people are paid really well for their skills. People from finance backgrounds can find the best jobs in Dubai banks. Most of the multinational banks are coming up with their branches in various parts of UAE and Dubai is one among those. Apart from banks people can find jobs in hotel industry too as they hire their private financers and accountants to deal with the various financial aspects of the country. Financers can also find jobs in hospitals and small scale organizations. People who are technically skilled do find the best jobs at all positions in Dubai

Jobs in the Aviation Industry

There is another area that offers good deals and that is the aviation industry. Pilots, airhostess, cabin crew and many more job options are available with this industry. Even the ground staff like the ticketing staff has some good options that people from these fields can look for. This industry is keen to hire people for their international flights who have a god convincing and communication skill so as to widen the customer base.


Dubai is a big hub for many jobs and professionals. Its one of those countries that has multiple job options for all kinds of professionals. One can find the best jobs online and can even look for the jobs with the various placement consultancies.


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