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How To Find a Job In Another State

Updated on February 1, 2015

Many People are Moving to Texas for Work


Moving to a Better Location for Work

Have you considered moving into another US State for a better job?

Many job seekers are crossing state lines for work in America and a large portion of them are moving into the Texas cities that were the least negatively affected by The Great Recession of 2008 - 2010.

In fact, some of these Lone Star cities seemed unaffected altogether and a few of them experienced economic and population growth during those troubling years and their aftermath. Would you enjoy living there?

Choose a State for Work

Texas offers abundant job listings for various cities and has a lower unemployment rate than the national average, meaning that it needs new workers to fill those vacant positions. This is true of some other states as well.

A large number of job openings in a state may not be the best reason to move there. For example, NYC has the largest posting of jobs in America on most days, but competition is as high as the cost of living. It is a smart move to choose a state that has either a low unemployment rate (Number One is North Dakota), which often indicates that more workers are needed or one of the states that displays a low rate of competition (Texas is Number One among states) for jobs. aggregates all the online job postings for the USA. Check there for states and cities that interest you and take advantage of various services on the website.

Texas offers a number of pleasant vacation and recreation spots.
Texas offers a number of pleasant vacation and recreation spots. | Source

Top Five Low Job Competition havens - Eden Prairie MN, Texas, Albuquerque & Santa Fe NM, Boston MA, Minneapolis MN. Several others welcome new workers to low competition rates for open jobs.

Finding and Succeeding in Working in Texas

How to Work the Competition Into the Ground
How to Work the Competition Into the Ground
This book is entertaining and fun as well as useful to your job success. The author is honest and forthcoming in his information presented to help you in the large job markets or business sector of Texas or any US State. it drive home the vital need for developing a work ethic and maintaining it. In this world of Continuous Improvement, we have no choice, anyway.

Look for Jobs and Services

Look for jobs as you look for a new city and state in which to live. If you can find an employer that will offer you a position before you move, you have begun a successful relocation. Some can move blindly to a new location and find work and dwelling place immediately, but not many can do so. One client of mine and her pre-teen daughter rode Greyhound buses back and forth across America, looking for a job, and had little success after many months.

You may or may not obtain financial help with relocation, but you have a job. In Texas, additional services are available for workers ages 55 and older. Once you secure employment, make sure that you have developed a strong enough work ethic to keep it and earn raises and promotions. Read How to Work the Competition Into the Ground for more pointers and examples.

States in the USA that are advertising the most jobs in the mid-2010s consistently include New York, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, California, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Arizona.

In Texas, choose a large city that has good public transportation system and a solid network of job search services, affordable housing, and an effective Employment and Training network. Choose one of these: Houston, Dallas - Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.

Want someone to pay your mortgage or rent after you move? Healthcare Professionals that become travelers in their work can earn high salaries and enjoy unheard of perks while they move from one state to another with help from their placement agency.

Travel Healthcare - Work in Many States and Receive Higher Wages and More Perks.

Healthcare travelers, like Travel Nurses, Travel Physicians, and other travel health professionals can work from 3 - 12 months in different cities and states with the advantage of higher wages than average, bonuses, rental or mortgage payments, relocation reimbursements, and other benefits.

If you are in healthcare or considering enter the health professions and want to live in another state, this choice is a smart one. Your relocations are guided by the recruiting agencies staffs.

Check Jobs by Region in North Dakota

North Dakota is less densely populated than is Texas, except in the northwest region of ND.
North Dakota is less densely populated than is Texas, except in the northwest region of ND. | Source

Relocation State to State

Which state most strongly calls to you to come live there?

See results

How to Begin A Relocation

With help from an agency or on your own, you can move easily when you have accurate information about relocation and the steps required to do it successfully. See How to Begin Residence in Another State.

Determine how much travel time you will need to reach your new destination. A Greyhound Bus will likely take longer than driving, flying, or taking a passenger train (if available). Decide what you should pack for the journey and whether a job opportunity there can lead may become a permanent placement. You may find that you need to store some items or give away some things to charities - or have a garage sale. If you are coming back, have someone watch your home or apartment in your absence.

Relocation from Canada can be smooth with the following procedures in How to Move From Canada to the USA. You should know that only certain occupations will allow you to enter and work in the USA and in order to move here from Canada and operate a business here, a sizable amount of money and employee pool are needed, along with the promise to create enough new jobs per statutes.

For a city new to you, examine its location on Google Maps or similar and zoom in further to find public transportation, schools, businesses, and attractions. Consult Sperling's Best Places online to read several categories of data about the city, from housing costs to voting trends. Look up the local Chamber of Commerce website to learn about new businesses and overall city plans for expansion.

Moving to Seek Lower Taxes and Housing Costs

You might wish to move into another state to avoid high taxes, rental payments, or property taxes. Research those items through realtors, trustworthy Internet government and business sites, and public or college libraries. In the case of Cincinnati, Ohio a lucky situation exists.

Many Cincinnati residents have recently opted to move out of the metro area and across the river to Kentucky, where rent, mortgages, and several taxes are lower. The drive across the river to Covington is a few minutes long. The scenic and historic byway of the Ohio River ("Big River" in Iroquois languages) is a big attraction. You might be able to find such an ideal situation in a corner of your own state.

An Ideal Place to Move to Another State

Cincinnati OH:
Cincinnati, OH, USA

get directions

Covington KY:
Covington, KY, USA

get directions

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