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Hot Jobs In Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated on August 28, 2014

Lake Charles Boardwalk

The boardwalk in Lake Charles. [Credit: from Peter O'Carroll.  2001. Creole Nature Trail National Scenic Byway District.  [Peter O'Carrol allows anyone to use it for any purpose includi
The boardwalk in Lake Charles. [Credit: from Peter O'Carroll. 2001. Creole Nature Trail National Scenic Byway District. [Peter O'Carrol allows anyone to use it for any purpose includi

Fastest Growing Area of the State

This review of the City of Lake Charles contains unique videos of Urban Performance Art, entitled Vibes of the City (video shown below); a local song called Lake Charles by artist Lucinda Williams (video), and footage of a local Mardi Gras.

This is the most rapidly growing city in the state of Louisiana, it is also the connector among 5 additional communities in Calcasieu Parish (a parish is a Louisiana county): DeQuincy, Iowa, Sulphur, Vinton, and Westlake.

Lake Charles, Louisiana is one of the Top 25 Best Small Cities in the USA for Jobs and Business. As part of the Lake Charles larger statistical area in the hell of the boot of Louisiana, it is a site of rapidly growing business success and increasing population.

Twenty different occupations are growing at the rate of from 65% to 41% of total jobs through 2014, offering hundreds of vacancies for current residents and those that are willing to move into this interesting Southwest Louisiana region.

Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Medical, Teaching, and Engineerings Techologies make up the Top 10 List of the fastest growing jobs in Lake Charles and the surrounding Southwest Louisiana region.

Urban Performance Art in Lake Charles - Beautiful, Cymbals Twirling

Lake Charles on I-10

A markerLake Charles LA -
Lake Charles, LA, USA
get directions

Top 10 Jobs With % Growth and Education Requirements to 2018

  1. Personal/Home Care Aides - 65%-Short-term Training & Experience (T & E)
  2. Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks -60% -same
  3. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts -60.0% - Bachelor's degree
  4. Home Health Aides -57% - Short-term T & E
  5. Lodging Managers-57% - Related Work Experience
  6. Mainstream Preschool Teachers -50% -Bachelor's degree
  7. Network and Computer Systems Administrators -50% -Same
  8. Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Specialists -50% -Same
  9. Database Administrators -50%- Same
  10. Electrical Engineers -50% -Same

The fact that employment and recruitment types of positions have made the Top 10 List of fast growing jobs indicates even more powerfully how the local economy is growing and how many jobs need to be filled in the Top 10 and the Top 20 overall.

I-10 Interstate Over Lake Charles

(Photos this page public domain unless otherwise credited.)
(Photos this page public domain unless otherwise credited.)

Other High Growth Jobs, With % Growth & Education Requirements to 2018

  1. First-Line Supervisors/Managers, Housekeeping and Janitorial -46% -Related Work Experience
  2. Combined Food Prep and Serving, All types - 46% - Short-term T & E
  3. Fast Food Cooks - 45% - Same
  4. Food Preparation - 44% - Same
  5. Child Care Workers - 43% - Same
  6. Maids and Housekeepers - 42% - Same
  7. Dishwashers - 42% - Same
  8. Paralegals & Legal Assistants - 42% - Associate degree
  9. Medical Assistants - 41.2% - Moderate-length T & E
  10. All counter attendants in eating places & concessions - Work Experience, OJT (On The Job Training)

This list of jobs shows bsuiness expansion in a number of different fields. Hospitality and tourism are indicated, as well as Health & Medical, the Legal fields, and child care and other services.

Hotels Resorts in Lake Charles

Hospitality and Tourism are supported by the Entertainment and Gaming Industry in Lake Charles. The following substantial listings are all in Lake Charles, beginning nearest the center of town.

  • L'Auberge Du Lac Hotel & Casino
  • King of Kings Casino
  • EZ Aces Casino
  • Lucky Star Casino.
  • Cajun's Wharf
  • Stardust Casino.
  • Double Diamond Casino
  • Pinnacle Entertainment
  • Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel
  • Harrahs Casino Lake Charles Louisiana

Local Crawfish

Local Festivals

Sports Opportunities

McNeese State University Sports -

  • Cowboy Stadium football,
  • Burton Coliseum basketball,
  • Cowboy Diamond baseball,
  • Cowboy Debate Team.

Chitimacha Louisiana Pro Golf Open
Southern Yacht Club

Postsecondary Education

  • American Baptist College
  • Cornerstone University
  • Delta School of Business and Technology
  • Demmons School of Beauty
  • McNeese State University
  • Sowela Technical Community College
  • Stage One - The Hair School

Mardi Gras in the 1920s

Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu Revelers

Want to learn about krewes and King cakes? -- Mardi Gras 101 is offered in Lake Charles!


  • Historic Central School Arts and Humanities Center
  • 809 Kirby Street; Lake Charles LA,
  • Phone: (337) 430-0043

The Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu Revelers is an exciting venue that teraches us about the Mardi Gras, its history and traditions and just what it's all about.

The museum displays the biggest collection of official Mardi Gras costumes anywhere along the Gulf Coast and it is not to be missed. Aside from that, the oprganization participates in and teaches about costume building, 12th Night (the 12th night of Christmas, when Mardi Gras really begins!), Ball Night, and the final parade events on Fat Tuesday (when you have to get all the cooking fats out of your house for Lent).

Not only this, but the museum houses The Captain's Den, a display in tribute to the local Mardi gras Krewe Captians. They also present a Walk of Fame that describes the history of all Southwest Louisiana krewes.

King Cake

This one features Mardi Gras colors: green, gold, purple.
This one features Mardi Gras colors: green, gold, purple.

Local Mardi Gras

"Lake Charles" by Lucina Williams


Legend of The Pirate Jean Lafitte in Louisiana
Legend of The Pirate Jean Lafitte in Louisiana

Lake Charles Legends

Jean Laffite is just one of the legends of the Lake Charles area of this state.

Lake Charles was built on a freshwater lake next to the sole white sand beach inland of the Gulf Coast.It is totally beautiful on the beach.

The priate Jean Lafitte is said to have used Lake Charles as his safe harbor. It is also claimed that he left a huge hidden treasure on the beaches somewhere around the lake.

A boardwalk, a community-built playground, the Veterans Memorial Park, and an interactive fountain today flank that same lake.

Creole Nature Trail All-American Road.

Humor: Hubber B. T. Evilpants in Lake Charles

Our Jackalope presence on HubPages has been seen in Lake Charles doing research for a planned Hollywood project called Jackalopes of the Freshwater Lake. It's rumored to co-star a nessalope and the elusive seahare. Perhaps Mr. BT Evilpants will fill us in, or he might even decide to stay in the lovely and electrically exciting Lake Charles, Louisiana.

While browsing the unique shops in Lake Charles, B.T. found a tile done by an ancient Mayan jackalope and a representation of an actual seahare:

Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu

809 Kirby,
Located inside the Central School Arts & Humanities Center
Lake Charles, LA 70601


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      Hi sixtyorso - Thanks for joining the club! I enjoy your Hubs as well.

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      Great hub. lovely touch that last paragraph!

      I could do you no less an honour than join your fan club.

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      You are good, Patty! Even the paparazzi who harangue me, daily, didn't know about that visit! The Jackalope statue in the photo was erected to honor Boudin Evilpants. He was my great-great grandfather, and Jean Lafitte's first mate!