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How to move sideways and broaden your skills for a PA or Secretary

Updated on December 12, 2016

Moving Sideways - Change Jobs

Many Personal Assistants and Secretaries get bored in their current position or in their job description. Is there a remedy for this problem and how can I overcome the boredom in the workplace.

One easy answer is to change jobs. If you are in a buoyant economy or job market, it may be possible to go out and look for a promotion in another company. You could look for new responsibilities and an increase in salary. The change of scenery is bound to help you deal with your boredom. The problem is that the next may end up being very similar, if all you look for is more wages or an increase in the level of your position.

This is often seen as taking the easiest route and perhaps there is some grounding to this belief, so it can be good to think of other ways.


Train and Move internally

Another option is to look internally after explaining to your bosses that you would like to have a change. This action really depends on the nature of your company. Does your company encourage people moving around the firm, if they do encourage moves this could be a good option. Also, how big is firm, as a small firm is very unlikely to be able to offer much variety to someone who wants to get a change. In many cases, this can be a great option as it enables many PAs and Secretaries to get some great moves, including secondments in foreign places.

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Focus on Your Training

You do not have to make an internal move, it is possible also to just take on more specialisms. Perhaps, train in minute taking and try to gain more exposure as a minute taker. This has the huge advantage that you are able to a seta at high level meetings. If you do a good job, your manager will be happy with you and you are likely to gain a good image with other managers. This is because minutes are usually taken at managerial meetings and it raises your profile. This type of specialist skill can be a good challenge to learn.


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