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Sales Promotion Techniques

Updated on May 1, 2012

Steps in Sales Promotion

To increase the sale of the product is to introduce a promotional mix with the following mix.

1. Advertising

2. Personal Selling

3. Direct Marketing

4. Publicity

All are mainly aimed at consumer promotion which is aimed at the consumers.

Consumer Sales Promotion Techniques

1. Cents - off -deal - : The brand will be offered at a lower price. Price reduction percentage will be offered at a lower price. Price reduction percentage will be marked on the package.

2. FSI - : Freestanding Insert - : A coupon or booklet inserted into the local newspaper delivery.

3. Money back rebates - : Consumers are offered a part as money back if the receipt and barcode are mailed to the producer.

4. Buy - One - get - One - Free


It is a self liquidating promotion.This is a premium sales promotion tactic.

This is a programme where there will be profit if there is corresponding increase in sales.

5. New Media - : This is where websites and mobile phones surrport sales promotion. For example individual codes on the packet helping the consumer to enter the code into their website to see if they had won a prize or not.

6. Direct Marketing - : Products are sold through telemarketing and internet marketing.

7. Advertisement - : Advertisements are used to build long term image for the product. The main form of advertisement will be news papers, television ads, banners and web pages.

8. Sales Force Meeting - : The sales meetings will be conducted periodically to analyze the sales and to find out innovative techniques to increase the sales.

9. Personal Selling - : The products can be effectively increase the sales through personal sellings. Because personal selling gets personal confrontation and immediate response.

10. Exhibitions - : The exhibitions will be conducted in factory outlets and at major cities.

11. Point of Sales Displays - : The products will be displyed as follows to increase the sales.

a. Dangles - : A sign that ways when a consumer walks by it.

b. Dump bin - : A bin full of products dumped in a bin.

c. Glorifies - : A small stage that elevates the products above other products.

d. Wobbler - : A sign of the product that jiggles.

e. Yes Unit - : An extra sales person pull out fact sheet.

f. Competitions - : The consumer who buys the product will get coupon to participate in

competition to win.

12. Publicity - :This very important in sales. The product will be developed through  commercially significant news.Press release and radio presentation will also be conducted to increase the sales.

13. Export Promotion - : The promotion will be by participating in export promotional

conferences and exhibitions and trade fares nationally and internationally.


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    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 4 years ago from Dubai

      Hi Angelica, try to read other hubs also.

    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 4 years ago from Dubai

      Thank you for your comment. Try to read all hubs.

    • profile image

      Angelica 4 years ago

      Thanks for the information :)

    • profile image

      catty nicky 4 years ago

      i really enjoyed and iwsh u all da best

    • profile image

      pragya 5 years ago

      thnx mam, np. queen.... actually em a student of 12th grade and em making a project on sales promotion and by ur description i got a lot of help in making d project nd also got inspired by d above mentioned data reallie impressive,... thank you!

    • profile image

      hellogirl123 5 years ago

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    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 6 years ago from Dubai

      Hi buy senuke,

      I am pleased to hear that it can be implemented in your business.Thank you.

    • profile image

      buy senuke 6 years ago

      I am not a natural seller as it is just not my personality. Great hub on effective ideas to market, I will use some of these!

    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 7 years ago from Dubai

      Hi Aris

      Yes what you said is true only but we can make success through these ways.....

    • Aris Budianto profile image

      Aris Budianto 7 years ago from Lying along the equator Country

      Thanks for sharing, selling is pretty difficult job to do these days.