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The ins and outs of starting an online marketing business

Updated on August 25, 2014

Don't be afraid to design your own methods!

Just because you have not seen anyone ever use a certain way to capitalize online does not mean it will not work. Some of my best campaigns were a hybrid of multiple past successful campaigns and ideas I have seen others use. "Out of the box" ,unique new methods are usually the most prosperous. Test and scale! This is also one of the main reasons I find marketing so fascinating and rewarding!

The multiple ways to market online.

Once you start researching marketing online(which I highly recommend you do) ,you will come to realize that there are not only many ways to make money, but there are tons of different ways to successfully carry out a campaign for each method. I typically will research whatever method I choose to take action on and see how others are structuring their campaigns. You can take a lot of info from others success stories and develop your own campaign that suits you depending on your resources and tools available . There is an endless amount of learning that goes into this field, and generally I develop my own hybrid types of systems ,not always successfully until I have a formula that works. Let's look at some of the most common ways to profit online through marketing.There are many more ways than I list below, but these are the most popular and all have proven to be profitable.

  • Affiliate marketing is a great starting point. You advertise and sell products without the need to physically have the item on hand. This method is a favorite of mine, you make the sale and the company that you partner with handles the rest,even shipping the item wich is a huge savings of time and aggravation. You simply sell, then collect your commission for each unit sold. There are tons of companies that offer affiliate programs, Google will literally turn up hundreds of results.
  • Subscription referrals are the same as above except your product is either a website or periodical subscription.
  • Advertising is another popular method with many ways to capitalize. Many people typically build a high traffic website or blog and attach ads from one of the many advertising companies available . A great example would be here writing blogs and attaching an Adsence campaign to them. You get paid a percentage of any sales that are made by readers clicking on your adds. High traffic is key to these ventures.
  • Multilevel marketing (or MLM) is another popular way, With this method you not only sell, but sign up others under you to sell products as well. This way you generate commissions off of not only what you sell, but a percentage of what the people under you sell as well. Amway is a good example.

in the day and age we are in social networks are becoming huge for marketing. Facebook,Twitter,and YouTube are huge outlets to not only advertise on for free,but to monetize as well. Many folks make great money from attaching advertisements to videos that they upload on YouTube and advertise the videos on Facebook as well. You will find out social media will be a great avenue to success in many ways of your online business.

Again these are just a few directions you can take,but most likely one of these methods you will implement right out of the gate.

Market testing tips.

Always start a new campaign with minimal investment.once your return on investment is established and your method is proven worthwhile,scale your campaign up to maximize profits.This holds especially true with advertising. You will come to find out different sources of advertising producing drasticly different results and conversion rates. Testing is key.

Use common sence, there are sharks in the water.

As we all know, whenever there is not just an opportunity to make money, but there is money changing hands, there are people out there tring to separate you from your cash while delivering nothing. The old theory still holds true, if it's sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If you have even looked around the internet looking for information regarding making money online, it seems like there are a million get rich fast schemes or others offering some sort of method that is not known by anyone else. Let me be blunt, these are scams,it will take time and effort to make residual income, anyone telling you differently is after your money.

dont get me wrong, there are viable methods offered by others,some do have systems that work, but with a little research on your part you will find that these methods are commonly available to everyone for free if you care to do your homework and poke around the net a bit.

Always,and I mean always read up on and get reviews from multiple sources prior to investing in anyone's system. Also make sure you are investing in a current program,the online marketing sector changes and evolves quite rapidly.Dated material might not get you anywhere today,there are so many constantly evolving variables.

Tip to success .

Whatever method you choose start small and once proven profitable scale it up,small market testing is your #1 key to success.

Standing out online, how to establish an online presence.

The foundation of making money online is definitely being able to reach as many people a possible,you can never reach too many. With all of the people,websites,products,and other marketers it can be daunting te to get people to view and take action on your products and websites. I'm sure reading through blogs and around here you have heard the proverbial saying that "content is king". This is true for two reasons, content draws people,and just as important Google likes original,good content when ranking websites. The higher up you are in the Google search engine results (SERP) pages the more traffic you will get,and the more sales and views your advertisements get. You will come to find out the more you know about search engine optimization (SEO) the better. This will go along way in promoting your products Since you more than likely will have a website that you will want to rank high. Usually your is site will be one in a highly specialized marked called a niche. Your niche site will be SEO'd to precise keywords that search engines use to get results. A majority of your time will be dedicated to climbing the ranks in Google,there are tons of methods in this area and would require a hub of its own to just scratch the surface.

General requirements regardless of marketing strategy

Having these basic accounts set up is vital to your online business,most you may already have.

  • Facebook - it enables you to reach millions in an instant,it's a must have.
  • Youtube- I actually use it way more than Facebook, it is one site that I can say has been the most useful. I have launched campaigns, reviewed others methods,researched products and marketing software,made countless connections,and so on. The website is priceless to marketing.
  • Paypal- chances are you have an account already, but if not it's crucial for online transactions.
  • Wordpress and/or Blogger will almost definitely be in your arsenal as well.
  • Google- you will definitely need an account with the king for using more than one of their webmaster tools and services.

These are the bare minimums, you definitely will be getting more accounts than you can keep up with.

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A few key tips to get you going

  1. Always be honest and straightforward, aside from it being the right thing to do, you will find repeat customers are your best clients.
  2. Be sure to keep email addresses of all previous customers for the reason above.
  3. Buy and try products before you promote and sell them. This makes it more easy to promote and write about,remember you only usually only get one shot with each customer.
  4. Always promptly answer emails and questions.
  5. As always the customer is always right!
  6. You can't get rich overnight , it will take work and time but serious money can be had.
  7. Reasearch before you buy anything online. Scammers are everywhere.
  8. Start small and scale your methods once proven successful .This saves you money big time!

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Please give me your input!

As always I'm open for your suggestion on topics or to answer your questions,please let me know if there is a topic I need to expand on or possibly dedicate a hub to!

Be sure to follow me!

I will be writing on many more online marketing topics, follow me !!!

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    • Matt Heisterman profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew Heisterman 

      4 years ago from Florida


    • whoissthompson profile image

      Steven Thompson 

      4 years ago

      Great Article! Very informative! Love the tip about marketing small first. A lot of people try to be on every social media out there and burn themselves out.


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