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Cities With Strange Names: Top 10 Hot Jobs in Truth Or Consequences NM

Updated on January 24, 2013
Ralph Edwards Auditorium
Ralph Edwards Auditorium | Source

Name Change Boosts Local Economy

Hot Springs, New Mexico in Sierra County was the victim of a small and flagging economy in 1950, when the city fathers decided to apply to change the name of the town to Truth Or Consequences, after the popular radio (and later, TV) program of the era.

A town election official changed the name of the city of Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences and moderator Ralph Edwards from the radio show and the NBC production crew traveled to New Mexico to greet the city residents.

In fact, NBS aired a coast-to-coast live radio edition of Truth or Consequences from the city. All of the free publicity accumulated to boost the local economy through tourism and new business venture and this economic success has reached into the 21st century.

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A markerTruth Or Consequences -
Truth or Consequences, NM, USA
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B markerElephant Butte -
Elephant Butte, NM, USA
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Elephant Butte State Reservoir and State Park, New Mexico
Elephant Butte State Reservoir and State Park, New Mexico | Source
County Court House
County Court House

Tourism, Health, Education & Space

Notice that Truth Or Consequences is located near the largest New Mexico State Park - Elephant Butt - er - Butte.

In the accompanying photographs, the butte in the lake dwarfs the motor boat on the left side of one picture, down to a pinpoint. T Or C is located not far from White Sands NM as well, the site of national government aircraft and spacecraft testing.

A large number of travelers go to Truth Or Consequences and to Elephant Butte city, lake, and park for vacationing. The hot springs for which T Or C was originally named are still active and may contain some curative factors. regardless, they are warm and comforting to the many quests who stay in the area for their health concerns.

Overall, the percentage in increase of employment in New Mexico from 1997 - 2006 was significantly the highest in Southwest NM, including Truth Or Consequences and Elephant Butte City.

The Top 10 Industries in and around Truth Or Consequences and the Southwest Corner of New Mexico are:

  1. Health Care & Social Assistance
  2. Educational Services
  3. Local Government
  4. Retail Trade
  5. Accommodations - Hotels, motels, B & B's, hostels, campgrounds. See to locate hot springs.
  6. Food Services
  7. Professional and Technical Services
  8. Construction
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Other Services

Another fast-growing jobs and business sector in the T Or C area is Aerospace Industries, with commercial space flight available at Spaceport America, just 20 miles east of Truth Or Consequences and White Sands.

Power From Hot Water

Pre WWII, there existed 40 hot springs spas locally and these reduced to 8 facilities in the early 21st century. They are still a source of frequent travelers looking for a cure for aches and pains. The New Mexico State Energy and Minerals Department sponsored geothermal energy projects in Truth or Consequences in the 1980s to begin a trend toward Green Industry and Environmental Development in the region. Geothermal heat sources have replaced other power sources at some of the commercial facilities.

Link: Truth Or Consequences, A Spa City

Employers and Job Search

Health Care and Medical:

  • Sierra Vista Hospital
  • Sierra Health Care Center
  • Rio Grande Psychological Services

Health and Recreation:


Wal-Mart Store; 2001 H.R. Ashbaugh Dr.; Truth Or Consequences, NM 87901 (575) 894-0343

Newspaper Ads:

Fun HQ



2109 N Date St

Truth or Consequences, NM

Search Jobs - Management and Crew

Jackalope World of Curiosities, NM.

The Gentleman From the State of New Mexico

As of August 12, 2008 a respected Truth or Consequences resident and active Hubber B.T. Evilpants threw his beret into the ring and announced his candidacy for Dictator - I mean President of the United States.

BT is campaining up to the time of the 2008 elections at B.T. For President and will continue in politics with all of its gravy and community affairs on additional sties around Hub Pages. Please enjoy them all.

BT Evipants for President is active on Mr. Shadesbreath 's Excrement, Inc philosophical musings page and spryte's Project F.U.R.B.A.L.L. and Zsuszy Bee's The Best Butter Tart, eh!


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    • Spiritwind profile image

      Spiritwind 7 years ago

      I have just moved to T or C its awesome

    • profile image

      rick  8 years ago

      looking to move to t or c soon live in colorado, if any body knows of something email me at

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Sixty - one must keep a sense of humor in this life, and in any other. :)

      Swiss Bank Acct? I must have "forgotten" that one...

      scorpionmagnet - what an interesting screen name you have!

    • sixtyorso profile image

      Clive Fagan 9 years ago from South Africa

      BT you cheapskate! I thought you would have not paid more for "free" advertising. You obviously are getting bad advise from Hillary's ex campaign manager.

      Great Hub Patty. I love the tongue in cheek bits that slip in at the end of your hubs.

    • B.T. Evilpants profile image

      B.T. Evilpants 9 years ago from Hell, MI

      Patty, thank you for your support! For any potential voters who may be reading, I would like to point out that I did not pay for this blatant plug for my campaign. And I absolutely did not already mail a check in the amount of $150,000, to be deposited in Patty's Swiss bank account!

      I'm B.T. Evilpants, and I approve this message

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Wow, you saw and read that one fast! Thanks for the good word! :)

    • rodney southern profile image

      rodney southern 9 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Excellent hub on a very unique place. Nice job as usual