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Why Do Anyone Need Search Engines Optimization?

Updated on July 4, 2011

Search engines optimization is the technique to rank your website to the top of the web search engines. People are investing lots of money for ranking their websites to the top of the search engine pages. It’s common that most companies have some type of website which are not optimized applying search engines optimization techniques. So, they always try their best to spend much money to take place to the top of the search engine. But they fails and then search Google by “how to promote my website”, “how to market my website”, “how to rank well to search engines” and many more. Actually do you know why the other website is successful except your desired one. What are the secrets behind that? Yes, the secret is the search engines optimization which makes everything possible.

Lots of effective marketing techniques were pretty helpful in the old days to rank your website to the top of the Google and other search engines. Lots of advertising techniques make your website to the successful from others. But this days the techniques are totally changing. However if you find the following things then you may guess something.

Meta tag like coding techniques are cracking down on signs as meta tag is not the only thing which are fully relevant to your web search engine optimization. Most of the time it is seen that the meta tags are not familiar to the web content.

Advertising through radio, TV and magazines are too expensive to advertise and quite difficult as there are lots of stations and magazines are available and is hard to choose the best one.

Advertise your website through newspaper is not a good idea for these days as most people are pretty interested to read news from the web.

Adverting through bus posters and billboards cost a huge monthly fee and most of the people have not enough capacity to pay for this.

From the above scenarios, it is pretty clear that the old fashionate technologies are not suitable for todays Internet world to rank your website to the search engines. Moreover, buying a full page ads to the telephone directory is not possible because its useless as people are much more interested to the web?

Besides these, many people think that creating a good well design website is quite enough for all. But in fact not. The outlook is not a factor to search engine optimization world. The outlook only maters to feel but the main thing is the content and optimization to search engines.

Measuring all these techniques, it is seen that the cost of old way is really expensive to bear and more or less is not suitable for most of the cases. That’s why lots of website is loosing it’s fame to the search engine world. But all the success is easy possible if only search engine optimization is done to all those websites. Using search engine optimization you can create quality content, unique content, popular content easily. This definitely helps your website to the search engines to crawl your website and mark them as unique fresh content. And all these only possible when the web is optimized using the search engine optimization. Remember, search engine optimization also does not spend any money for you. Thus a lot of savings but gaining lots of popularity and traffic to your website to success and to rank well to the search engines.


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    • Sienna Red profile image

      Sienna Red 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for a hub fully loaded with information. I'll check on the helpful links you have provided.

      -Catherine, Copywriter