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Fresh and unique contents for Search Engine Optimization: The secret talks of SEO and generating site contents

Updated on July 1, 2011

Millions of websites with billions of webpages are available in the cyberspace. But only a few of the pages are getting real popularity everyday. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the major search engine. These giant search engines rank sites in the search engine result pages. These search engines ranks pages higher only when any site contains unique and fresh good contents which are really helpful and good apart from other factors like page ranking. Thus fresh and unique contents really play with search engine optimization and all the search engine spiders. Fresh and unique contents are thus very important to search engine rankings and gaining high volume web traffic. For this reason, all SEO experts always comment like Content is the king.

Fresh and unique contents are really a very useful thing for website traffic and search engine optimization. Recently, many website publishers are publishing new and unique contents everyday to their sites. These sties are actually treating as e-commerce sites as they are very serious for earning money also. But above all, they have to publish Fresh and unique contents daily. When any site contains and publishes fresh and unique contents daily, search engine spiders often coming these type of sites and indexing those sites on regular basics. All these help site for better rankings and for increasing organic traffic.

For promoting your blog or site or forums, you may use article marketing. Article marketing is actually a search engine optimization technique (SEO). Thus, your site will gaining many back links easily. All these back-links are really necessary for gaining for high search engine rankings. But to do these, you must have to create fresh and unique contents.

It's easy to create lots of contents daily. But it's not easy to create fresh and unique contents daily. You may spend money to outsource your website contents. This is not so expensive. But remember you site contents must be fresh and unique and good.

Article directories are another great thing for your page ranking. Lots of article directives are in the cyberspace. By using article directories you can easily publish or rewrite your page contents easily to different sites. Thus you can easily get super backlinks for your article. But this option is not always very good for your site. By using article directories, it's possible to duplicate copy of your contents. So, that is another problem. I personally suggest not to use article directories unless you are expert enough to know about the ins and outs of article directories.

Other way is that you may rewrite your content and publish them easily. Lots of software available in the Internet. Remember, when you are trying to rewrite your articles, never write the whole articles. You only write the summary or one/two paragraphs of your page contents and then publish them with original links. This has a great impact of page ranking and generating lots of web traffic.

Contents of your page are always valuable. You content are nothing but the information. You may use several software like articles spinners or Copyscrap, but these are not really good. If you use them and rewrite your articles, then the search engine spiders may not find that your page is not unique. But when a human reader comes to your site, that time he/she can easily find that you are publishing the same contents several sites. That human may never come to all of your site in future. Thus my suggestion not to use any third party software or article directives to publish your page contents. If the page contents are really fresh and unique good contents, the page can easily ranks top by search engine spiders or bots and thus the page content can easily optimized itself to search engine optimization.

@Written by rancidTaste


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