Oh No, The DISGRUNTLED Employee Strikes!

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    There are instances of ex-employees going completely postal.   An employee gets fired and/or laid off for whatever reason.   He/she feels that now the roof has caved in so to speak.   There is a feeling of utter desolation and apprehension as how the firing/layoff will financially affect him/her and his/her family.    He/she feels crushed and angry.     

    Of course, this employee feels that he/she was done wrong by the employer so he/she seeks revenge and ways to assuage their hurt!    Some ex-employees kill themselves and their families.   In a news report years ago, an employee who was fired from a hospital killed his entire family including his five children, believing that there was NOTHING in their lives now that he was fired!

    Others decide to take this anger and frustration out on the person who fired them/laid them off.    The latest instance of this was the shooting on 8/24/2012 in the vicinity of the Empire State Building in New York City.   According to the report of NBCNews.com, a  disgruntled ex-employee (Jeffrey Johnson, 58 years old)shot his boss(Steve Ercelino, 41), vice president. of Hazan, a designing company where they both worked.  Before Mr. Ercelino was shot, Mr. Johnson stated that he was going to kill the former.  Mr. Johnson was eventually shot by the police.   

    These precarious socioeconomic times and the high unemployment rate makes employees very apprehensive regarding their job situations.    Employees must actually go beyond the job prerequisites in order to keep their jobs.   Bosses are aware of this and can use this to intimidate employees.   Employees must also watch their backs for in many states, they can be terminated at will which they have no recourse as long as it not discriminatory in nature. 

    If an employee is fired/laid off, the future employment prospects are often dim.    Another whammy is that if an employee is unemployed for lengths of time, he/she is considered a bad risk by prospective employers when he/she does look for employment.   This situation is a no-win situation.   It seems that the present socioeconomic climate is not getter better!   

    When people get fired/laid off, it can escalate to quite a serious situation to say the least.   Unless, one has a year to two years savings, a person can be in quite a socioeconomic quadmire!   No wonder many people go actually berserk, actually becoming angry and disheartened when they lose their jobs either through firings or layoffs.   Let us discuss this!