microsoft robbs cripples and deceased old ladies!!!

  1. days leaper profile image78
    days leaperposted 5 years ago

    Am I right to bouycott all american products, companies etc. simply because microsoft /its recommended "ms-store" has ripped me off from recieving a proper product by misleading advertising, and unclear; difficult to find/ read -ie. at very end, small print only etc.  And refuses to refund something I have not recieved.  According to the bank it hid behind international laws when in fact the website is UK based.
        If this is how the US. became, stays rich then it severely loses any face it had in my meek estimation.

    Had recieved inheritence from dear old Granny who died.  And as a treart thought I would get the ultimate programming package.  Duly trusting I went to microsofts website to have a look.  It clearly advertised packages in pictures -though this has changed since I contacted this "company".  These cowboys are hiding behind the fact that I missed their 14 day cooling off period.  I was in hospital soon after the order with no internet access and had been left believing that the last transmission was a delivery confirmation and only checked the product was the same before symptoms from the start of my serious illness kicked in.

    Most of us do not even read these "licence agreements"  I suggest if you did you probably wouldn't buy anything again.  Well, beyound necessities and things I already have or are actual need rather than simple want.  That's me done with consumerism, fasion and the rest of the airhead elitist rubbish that goes with it.  Microsoft have done more than turn me off themselves.  They've put me off american busines/ess for good.  What is more I would suggest you watch for their double standards in all walks of life.  Including for example one way extradition laws that aren't reciprocated.  That isn't really friendship anyway is it!

    No more, ms-store!!

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image65
    Tusitala Tomposted 5 years ago

    I guess all organizations have their rules and regulations which they feel have to be adhered to.  However, it is well known that when someone - or even a company for that matter - does something good for us we tell a friend.  When someone does something that we consider bad, we tell five people.   That's the ratio, I'm told. 

    With the advent of the Internet, if that ratio stays the same, we could be telling thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people of our disatisfaction.  With that in mind, one would think the 'bad puplicity' and perhaps the resulting drop in sales, would far outweight a simple act of 'bending the rules, and giving you a refund.

    Still, it's up to them...Maybe you need to let someone 'further up the corporate ladder,' know how you feel.

    1. days leaper profile image78
      days leaperposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I wouldn't mind if they'd send the physical package.  Even if it's just a disk with official writing and an officially written sleeve for dust cover.  Even though the product is now out of date with the 2012 items coming in.  All I asked for was the product and desite pictoral advertising -which they've now changed to 2d and so admits something- they can't provide the product.  I feel a download is too flimsy, and too tacky for 5 grand!  And never would have parted with my money had I known I'd be fobbed off.

      As regards, higher up the corporate ladder.  I thought of addressing Bill Gates himself to see if he knows the tactics his company uses to keep him stinking rich!