Are you one of these people? What am I saying, we all are.

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    JoeCoposted 4 years ago

    Are you one of these "I'll take care of it later or tomorrow" people?

    Many of us, in fact all of us always has something really important we need to address. Now if you are like I was when I first started my Real estate business than you re one of these people. These people that always put the most important things on hold until further notice, knowing this is something you must take care of you just continue to procrastinate. Regardless, whether its a doctors appointment you have to set up or a job search you must do because you're unemployed and broke, or even a follow up with your clients.
    No matter how many times we remind ourselves that something has to be done, we just continue to convince ourselves that it's okay to call it off until later or tomorrow.
    We come up with reasons like "it's already too late at night so I'll just do it tomorrow" or "my friends invited me over so this can wait till later"

    How many times have you done this??(honestly)

    The reality of it is that you are what's called "the ultimate procrastinator"

    This is something I learned really fast.  In order to be productive in life, these important things we might put on hold  for another time must be taken care of the minute you realize it needs some attention.  If we don't address an issue immediately than it's very likely that we will continue to push it to the side.
    The number one reason people might do this is "fear of failure or rejection"

    When I started my career in real estate I just so happened to push the most important thing to the side (prospecting).
    Yup that was kind of stupid on my part. I failed to do my prospecting from time to time because I already had several clients finding me, so I figured prospecting can "Wait For Now".
    I told myself everyday I must do my prospecting tomorrow I must get it done but to no avail because when tomorrow came I always found an excuse as to why I should put it on hold for now.

    Once my client contacts became extinct(due to lack of prospecting) my broker noticed and that's when he called me out.
    He noticed me blowing off my prospecting and approached me about it. He literally told me I was doing this because I was scared to fail(fear of failure) we all go through this sometime in our life.
    When he told me that he shouted me out in front of all the other agents in the office..  It was kind of embarrassing the way it happened but I looked at it as motivation, when he shouted out that I was afraid of failing that really flipped a switch somewhere inside me.
    I took that statement as an insult, telling me I was afraid I would fail was like challenging my confidence level.
    If you know me well enough than you know my confidence level is through the roof, I feel I can do anything in the world if I just get to it and get to it without the procrastination.
    That's what made me realize that not only was i an ultimate procrastinator but I was also lying to myself everyday telling myself I will take care of it later knowing I wouldn't. 

    So I kept that ebarassing moment in my mind everyday from there forward.  I used it as motivation to probe to him and everybody else that I was not scared of failing. I set up a schedule for myself and began my prospecting next morning, every morning I made sure I did my prospecting until I had at least 2 appointments for that day.
    Guess what.. It paid off, I took care of the issue I was pushing aside before and once I committed to it I immediately notice that I should have done that a long time ago.

    What I'm saying is, whatever the problem may be or whatever it is you have to take care of. If it continues to get your attention than its for a reason, a reason called  "it's important". So take care of before it begins to haunt you down everyday, I mean after all wouldn't you want to sleep at night..
    don't make the same mistake that I did. If there's an issue that has to be taken care you're better off handling it right than and there.