FIRED- No, Uhuhhhhh........NO, You Did NOT! How COULD You Fire ME!

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago
    Sometimes people are terminated from their jobs due to their own doing although they REFUSE to acknowlege this.Maybe they are in  jobs/careers that they hate; however instead of leaving and going to another job/career area, they just plain commiserate..........Or they are tired of their jobs/careers but they are fearful of creating/embarking on new jobs/careers, preferring to remain in their desperation.........Perhaps, they are in  quite lucrative jobs/careers that they do not love but the money is too good for them to leave so they just meander and go through the motions of their jobs/careers.......

    However, their subconscious and secret yearning gets the best of them.   They are not as productive as they could be at work............ They do just enough to get by instead of doing their ultimate best..............There are those who miss work because they simply find the place tolerable at most....................  All these factors and more create employees are simply NOT THEIR BEST  now matter how they proclaim otherwise.........Then the warnings and NOW THE HAMMER..........

    Yes, they were told to report to personnel and/or human resources.   Now the news, THEY ARE TERMINATED.......... They are now nonplussed at hearing the news.  They believe that they were good to excellent employees all along.   They are now dejected and angry.  They reason how dare they get fired AFTER ALL they have DONE for the company and/or corporation.   

    They blame EVERYONE and EVERYTHING except for themselves.  They simultaneously feel sad as if they are LOSERS.  In the back of their minds, they feel as if the BEST YEARS are gone and they are damaged goods so to speak.   They start to feel depressed, even self-destructive.   They are now........UNEMPLOYED.   Oh no, they are in a deep morass.   

    Upon closer examination  and analysis of their predictament,  they realize that they DID NOT like their respective jobs/careers all that much.  If they DID, they would have DONE THEIR VERY BEST.   In all likelihood if they had given their all, they still would have their jobs/careers.   People get fired because they were not the very best employees overall.   Also, they innately knew that they were not suited for their particular jobs/careers or they were in THE WRONG jobs/careers!