Make Money Online

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    Affiliate Wealthposted 7 weeks ago
    I am so sick of seeing these ads.  Just  like this headline:  make money online.  Yeah! Then they sell you a phony $39 ebook and so on...  I'm no different.  I like get rich, quick like you.  But, I make have spent more time at it.  Anyway, I've tried just about every "fly-by'night" plan there is.  I'm not even here to try and sell you one.  I have found a person that is now a friend, and I think you should meet.  Do I make money?  Eventually.  Maybe.  It depends on how serious you are.  Affiliate marketing is an honest business.  Just like any other, there are real expenses, but WAY less than anything you might think, compared to a brick and mortar operation.   After all, this is the information age and if  you'll just "listen" and learn, there could be something valuable here for you...