Security guards: What do YOU think about them?

  1. BP9 profile image57
    BP9posted 8 years ago

    Security guards:  What do YOU think about them?

    And when I ask what you think, I mean be completely honest and candid.  Throw "P.C." out the window, and say exactly what you think...good or bad.  I want to know.

  2. virginialoanpro profile image53
    virginialoanproposted 8 years ago

    Well, I took my 2 teenage sons to a major department store over the weekend. I laughed that, not only would you be convisted of petty theft if you stole something, but also assaulting a minor for beating up the security guard, who only looked 13 or so.

    After spending time in the military, I understand the need for controlling access points, presence, etc. I certainly don't mean to besmirch all security guards, especially the professionals. I just get a kick out companies who are probably saving a TON of money using the cheapest they can find.