Can you help publicise a project for a good cause? commented in Unicru post http

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    bugmenot11posted 8 years ago

    Can you help publicise a project for a good cause? commented in Unicru post

    I'm trying to get the word out about pbot (fills out unicru applications automatically). I enjoyed your Unicru post and (obviously) tend to agree, so if you like the project, please issue an update of sorts to make my link more prominent. The app is based on answer keys found online, but I don't have any facts (yet) about their reliability. I plan to issue updates based on user feedback (hopefully a green test that a hiree can take home "for their records", but general trial and error as well). I want to get this thing good enough and ubiquitous enough to drive away every single Unicru client.

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    melbelposted 7 years ago

    Sorry, as I am writing about a company's services I am already dancing with danger. If I help promote something that goes against the bottom line of said company I could find myself in legal hot water. I have already found myself in a little bit of hot water when I wrote a hub on what I believe are poor business tactics being performed by an mlm company known as melaleuca. While I really have my hands tied right now, my fight against companies such as melaleuca and Kronos must take a backseat. But trust me, the fight is NOT over. I love seeing others like you who are swimming against the current of corporations who bully consumers. Your project and others like it have my full support.