An employer appeals a Mi UIA Brd Of Rev decision to the Cir Crt after losing the

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    Dennis E. Kubitposted 8 years ago

    An employer appeals a Mi UIA Brd Of Rev decision to the Cir Crt after losing their prior appeals.

    Would the employee who was awarded her benefits testify to the questioning of the court or to the questioning of the employers attorney? If the employee hired an attorney to assist/advise her, then wins the decision once again and awarded her benefits, would her court costs involved be the responsibility of and applied against the employer?  In other words would she be able to recover her costs for her appearance? I'm assuming this would be considered a hearing. Correct? And finally...can the Cir Crt refuse to hear the employers request for the hearing/appeal?

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    Ralph Deedsposted 8 years ago

    I'm not absolutely sure because I've never been in a Circuit Court. I think the employee would testify in response to his attorney's questions and/or questions from the judge. Then he would be subject to cross examination by the employer's attorney. That's the way I think it would work. Not sure, however. I don't know about court costs or whether a circuit court is obliged to hear an employer's appeal. I think the court would probably do so. Again, I'm not sure. In my experience which consists of reading circuit court decisions appealing decisions in which I participated as a member of the Board of Review Circuit Courts usually affirm the Board of Review's decision. If the decision was a split decision with a strong dissent by the employer member of the Board the chances of a reversal are better.