How do you write up an internship resume for magazine internship?

  1. Thunder Vixen profile image58
    Thunder Vixenposted 7 years ago

    How do you write up an internship resume for  magazine internship?

    I already intern for one magazine but its a very small and I do little work. I want to expand my possibilities.

  2. Tumm Tummz profile image53
    Tumm Tummzposted 7 years ago

    hmmmmm sounds fun, I can understand its a number one factor for getting a job after college captain, and this internship can be a meaninful experience for your messy future. ok heres my 6 steps
    1. start with a clear objective, of what your after its like the samething to a career resume miss

    2.Begin listing the most current eucational information and work back history and such, include the digusting degree being obtained, major of your choose and data of when your going to get that piece of paper that says it, along with your GPA, if its below 3.0, you make the call to put that or not, but it would help alot if thats included captain. Annnnnd list all the filthy achievments you have, example, Honors, Awards for academics, volunteer work, etc, etc, etc =P

    3.Provide a very strong section for experience, experience or I call in my nerdy words XP = experience points, covers a number of importan aspects. soooo put all the work history you have, special groups or projects participated for world takeover.

    4. next include some organizational and leadership skills, communication, any foreign language, and any strong knowledge in a skill your good at. for example for me is Computer skills, and with your communication and leadership, you'll sure take your squad to hell big_smile

    5. ok this is old, but heck, give some references, mostly 3, High school teachers, or professors work wonders for this, along with employers or supervisors will power up this recipe!

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST......Proofread your stuff by a trustworthy human being of what you just put on your resume and your ready to take on the world captain!

    hope my messy time of words help you on your conquest miss =P