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What type of marketing media, do you think will generate the best ROI for you in

  1. Terje Sannarnes profile image61
    Terje Sannarnesposted 7 years ago

    What type of marketing media, do you think will generate the best ROI for you in 2011 online?

    PPC advertising, article marketing, social media marketing etc....


  2. Salliebb profile image58
    Salliebbposted 7 years ago

    I am still trying to figure that out. I am not far enough into writing articles to tell how much business that will bring. I need to make my Fan Page more pertinent and attractive before that will do any good. Pay per click is hard to target. If you don't hit a large group, you don't get ,much exposure unless you pay a whole lot of money. I can also buy leads. I intend to dabble in all of them.

    I will let all of these methods meander down their own paths for a couple of months. I am trying not to make prior judgements, as some are easier than others. I will also have to figure out when to use the phone with each type of lead. No one seems to exactly agree on when to call the prospects. Fortunately, I love a challenge!

  3. Article Magick profile image59
    Article Magickposted 7 years ago

    This depends on what you intend to market...

    Articles have proven very good in terms of ROI for me over the last few years online based on the amount of targeted traffic I can get from them over time - they will not bring the immediate results or traffic that paid advertising methods like Adwords will produce but can help to build relationships and ultimately sales.

  4. Pablo_Gonzalez profile image57
    Pablo_Gonzalezposted 7 years ago

    I think that all depends on what your goals are and especially your marketing budget.

    Obviously the paid form of marketing (PPC, PPV, Banner Ads, etc.) will give you the fastest results. But content marketing (articles, press releases, blogs, etc) allows you to create a trust with that person that just opted in to your website.

    Remember, a person buys from someone they trust. So in my opinion, it eventually all comes back to using content and socializing to finalize any new sale or populate a new business partner.

  5. Mavis Nong profile image59
    Mavis Nongposted 7 years ago

    It all depends on your personality, skills, budget and time. Doubtlessly, direct response marketing brings the fastest results.

  6. jenniryan profile image60
    jenniryanposted 7 years ago

    If you are asking about ROI then it has to be content marketing because its free! That doesnt necessarily mean its the fastest or brings you the most sales. But since there is no investment any profit is 100%.