Writing for a living. Benjimester, how does one start to write for a living?

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    philzgrillposted 7 years ago

    Writing for a living.  Benjimester, how does one start to write for a living?

    I'm in the financial service industry but want to start writing for some additional income. What tips would you give me to start a part time career in writing?  Thanks Much!  philzgrill

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    Benjimesterposted 7 years ago

    Hey Phil.  Well, for me it took a really long time to start making money.  I started writing stories and articles every once in awhile.  Then someone taught me SEO so I could start getting search engine traffic and slowly but surely the income started flowing.  It's a really tough transition because a person can't just leave their career to pursue writing, because unless they quickly write a bestselling book, they won't make enough money to survive.  Do you have a basic understanding of SEO?  I can send you manuals if you'd like that give a nice overview of how to get search engine traffic.

    Writing a couple articles a week is a good way I think to start building some income.  It won't be much but after awhile it starts to pick up.  A few of my articles that are over a year old consistently get between 125-175 views per day.  It's getting tougher and tougher these days though to find topics that you can rank well in.  There's a growing amount of competition out there.

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    philzgrillposted 7 years ago

    Thanks heaps for your input.  to answer your question, no, i don't know a thing about seo.  i believe it's something about search engine traffic but don't know more than that.  anything you could direct me to that would help to build my understanding would be great.  If there's any mailing costs or whatever, i can reimburse via a check.  I like what i do and have a full time calling in it, but writing seems to be a great "release point" for me.  i really have no idea that i will ever make any money at it but will give it a try.  it would be more for doing something i like as opposed to needing it to pay the bills.  thanks for your help.  sounds to be that you are doing this full time?  if so, how do you like it?  how many articles do you try to write a week?  Thanks again!  best,phil