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What should I do when my work is used without my permission by a third party?

  1. Cathy I profile image76
    Cathy Iposted 6 years ago

    What should I do when my work is used without my permission by a third party?

    I saw an article that I wrote to enter a writing contest on the Home Page of someone's website. They were using my article to publicize their services.
    Is there anything I can do about it?

    What if anything can I do about it?

  2. Ben Graves profile image81
    Ben Gravesposted 6 years ago

    Was there a way to contact the person? Let them know that you know they're stealing your work? I would do that if I had that problem, ride on them a bit for plagiarism. Unfortunately, unless the work is officially published, I don't think there's much else you can do in regards to suing, except let them know how you feel. I'm kind of curious now to see what others have to say on this subject myself, as this question alone has kind of gotten me cautious.

  3. ProFreelance profile image39
    ProFreelanceposted 6 years ago

    We had a good thread on that in our forum not too long ago. Here's the link (not to advertise, but to help): http://www.professionalfreelancersnetwo … lemna-dp1. If the whole link doesn't show up, just go to our forum and search for "cease and desist." Lots of our members weighed in on this - we're concerned about it too, believe me. Good luck.

  4. seriousnuts profile image66
    seriousnutsposted 6 years ago

    You should report it immediately. I had the same experience. I caught someone copying my entire hub onto his/her blog. I immediately reported it to Google (since the offender uses blogger). Fortunately, Within a couple of days, the page was removed.

  5. lone77star profile image83
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    Theft is never good, but such "soft" theft is all too common these days. Downloads of music, movies, using other people's artwork and writing, stealing bandwidth, and more.

    First of all, forgive them. Love them -- not their action.

    If there is some way to contact them, do so, and explain your concern. If they take down their crime and apologize, then great. Your done.

    If they are recalcitrant in their attitude and persist in their crime, then report them to the service they are using. If they are using a free online service, like Google, then tell that service. If it is their own website, then find out the service which hosts the website through WHOIS or similar service, and write the web hosting company that one of their customers is involved in illegal activity.

    In some instances, there may be nothing you can do. The criminal may be hosting the website on their own equipment and in a country which has no laws concerning plaigerism. But if you truly forgive, then you will be free of the burden of resentment. And you will have done everything physically possible to resolve the crime, and you can move on with your life.

  6. profile image54
    yaturi3posted 6 years ago

    Send a mail to the writer asking him to send a rejoinder crediting you with the article. If someone uses it to publicize their website, send to such, asking for credits to you for the article. If all fails, flag the article and send to the website owner your protest and consequences if the evil deed is not corrected.

  7. Cathy I profile image76
    Cathy Iposted 6 years ago

    Thank you all so much for your very helpful answers.
    I will now use all this information to try and get this resolved.
    Seriousnuts and yaturi3....I will start off with your advice.
    Lonestar 77...thank you.  I wrote an article about forgiveness, so 
    I really ought to take my own advice.
    Profreelance...I could not find the website using the link you sent.  I will try again outside of Hubpages.
    Ben...I guess I need to start learning something about the publishing industry and the rights of writers.
    Thanks all