Why do you think most people are so afraid or resistant to earning an income wit

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  1. drumweaver profile image80
    drumweaverposted 7 years ago

    Why do you think most people are so afraid or resistant to earning an income with Network Marketing?

    I guess I have a hard time understanding this as I truly believe this industry and profession has so much to offer - in so many ways like personal growith, residual income, freedom from the "time-money trap" and independence to creating one's own economy - and living one's own dream and not someone else's... and so much more... I welcome and look forward to your feedback and thoughts...

    blessings... weaver  (((o)))


  2. hotwebideas profile image75
    hotwebideasposted 7 years ago

    I think it is due to the fact that people have to put up money to join networking marketing firms and they cannot join for free. I know with myself, I was always worried about getting my initial investment back.

  3. wheelinallover profile image78
    wheelinalloverposted 7 years ago

    My guess would be many of them who have tried have "failed" There is a learning curve to about anything. If you can't learn enough fast enough chances are you will fail unless you meet someone who knows way more than you do who you can trust to teach you.

    I will point out a new truth though. The thing that is currently working is online opportunities for offline sales. Most of what my company offers are those because they are where the money currently is, and with them all being free to join the "will I see return on my investment" question no longer matters. More internet companies are going to this model and quickly because it is what is currently working.

    We are seeing even this as something hard because people no longer believe you can get value for "free" if they ever did. We are making more money from these free opportunities than I do from hub pages. It does take more than one person in my case because I have been wheelchair bound for  20 years.

    In my case there was no choice. Quite a few times taking something someone said at face value, which I no longer do, cost over a years income. The money tied up has to be replaced somehow.

  4. Gail Anthony profile image59
    Gail Anthonyposted 7 years ago

    For the same reason that people resist door to door selling.  It puts people way out of their comfort zone.

  5. wandererh profile image73
    wandererhposted 7 years ago

    Network marketing brings to me visions of over priced products and hard sell tactics.  When you visit the websites of some of the online companies, you are not even sure what their product is or whether they even have a product.  All you hear about is their compensation plan and how you will make tons of money and retire early.

    I know that's not fair for some of the more legitimate companies, but that's what comes to mind for me when talk of network marketing or mlm comes up.

  6. Andrew Milburn profile image57
    Andrew Milburnposted 7 years ago

    There are many reason but having been around MLM for almost 30 years one of the big things is fear. Fear of failure and also fear of success.  But also something else is the low cost to get involved to the high rewards.

    People cannot see how they can pay a £199.99 joining fee and earn thousands of pounds a month out of it. Because it is low cost to join they do not put in the work. They treat it as a 199.00 business and not a multi Million pound business

    And another reason is work, people just think they can get something for nothing. Sad but true.

  7. geiser093 profile image60
    geiser093posted 7 years ago

    My biggest problem is that I have to sell an overpriced product that I truely cannot differntiate from any competitor. I looked at the energy industry and the only market I could really see value in is in green energy choice.

    I was told that i will save money on my bill and earn an incredible income from my customers usage, etc, etc. Then I asked how much I will save and the guy said we don't have a rate yet but it will be less. Oh O.K.

    I worked for AT & T during the similar deregulation in telecom and we had a rate and locked customers in at it. It ws simple you pay this much now. Switch to AT & T and you will pay this much.

    I am open to the MLM concept. Show me a viable model and I will jump on board.


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