What are the most important skills one should have before applying for any job?

  1. sweeteeth profile image76
    sweeteethposted 4 years ago

    What are the most important skills one should have before applying for any job?

    Normally we see that the degree we got does not contribute to our jobs other than working as a door step. So what are those skills or knowledge we should have before applying for any type of jobs. Please give honest answers as I truly need this information.


  2. pearlmacb profile image75
    pearlmacbposted 4 years ago

    1) I believe a clear & well presented resume with good references. 2) Background knowledge of the company you are applying for. 3) #Confidence & a willing attitude to learn & grow! Note: I`m not an expert in this field however taken from my personal job hunting experiences.

  3. livingsta profile image97
    livingstaposted 4 years ago

    The most important skills one needs to possess for any job are,
    1. Communication skills - both written and verbal are very important. When communication goes wrong or lacks everything goes wrong.
    2. Interpersonal skills - as you will be dealing or working with other people in any job
    3. Team player - This is a skill everyone needs to possess when working with a team in order to work towards and achieve goals and deadlines
    4. Planning and organising skills
    5. Active listening skills - this is very important. If you do not listen correctly, everything will go wrong.
    6. Computer skills - basic knowledge at least in word processing, spreadsheets, storing and retrieving information.
    7. Analytical and Logical skills - helps you to analyse issues and deal with them
    8. Problem solving skills - one cannot always be dependent on others to solve problems be it related to anything
    9. Respect and value for others - We need to learn to value and respect others in all aspects, the way we wish to be treated (valued and respected) by others.