can u help me to be a good seller

  1. pklitz profile image53
    pklitzposted 8 years ago

    If you adore feet, are passionate about the foot, and really care about those beautiful characters of pedigogy and become the sole expert, you'll suit the position just fine.   If the shoe fits, wear it!
    Simple is best!  Do not apologize.  Just fall in love with whatever they walk on, and put your best foot forward. 
    KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid, especially if you're looking for a career in shoes.

  2. urmindcoach profile image57
    urmindcoachposted 8 years ago

    Sales is easy-when you know how! Cjecck this book out, it may help you.

    Most important thing, be yourself and put the customer first.....

    Use KISS (Keep It Simple Successful)