What un-ethical activities have you been eye-witness to at your job or travels d

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    LAURENS WRIGHTposted 4 years ago

    What un-ethical activities have you been eye-witness to at your job or travels during your life?

    Many people see things that they know are wrong, but all during their lives, never speak up or just make-believe that events did not happen.  Some business promote criminal activities, dishonesty and corruption or blatantly break the law.  Some managers or owners try to make more money by cutting corners.  What have you seen, experienced or been witness to that you know that is wrong?

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    hackattackposted 4 years ago

    It is election time in India and today the result of elections are coming. I live in Haryana a state of India and study in Delhi. Their were elections not in Haryana. My classmate told me that many political parties distributed much money to their voters.

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    LAURENS WRIGHTposted 4 years ago

    I must have been in some awful jobs that no one else has had.  One of my first jobs was in the sewage treatment in South Carolina.  The Supervisor would open the gates, valves and turn on the pumps to clean out the sewage, sludge and raw sewage every time it rained and had high water in the creeks.  I also worked at a rubber recovering plant in S.C.  Here, it was their practice to pour all the HVC's, such as Kerosene, Naphtha, Methyl ethyl Ketone (MEK), Toluene and other solvents into an unlined pit at the back of the company,
    with it seeping into the ground.  Now, people are coming down with cancer around the site and people are believing the cause might be a very large plant in the area. (they do not know about the discarding of the waste of the company that I worked for)

    As pertaining to foods, when I was in Missouri, the farmers would feed chicken manure to the cows and to pond catfish.  When I was working in Pa., at a large grocery chain store, the meat market manager would have us gather all the going-out-of-date package meat and make sandwich spread out of it.  We would grind it, mix it with mayonnaise, salt and pepper and add some red Jello to give it color and repackage it for the spread. 

    In South Carolina, while working at a meat market, the manager would take stinking fish that had been in the display case for some time (stinking and slimy) and wash the fish in bleach water in the back room. He would then put the fish back into the display with fresh ice, lemon and orange slices.  In the same store, the meat market manager would pull all the out of date package meats and grind this with the ground beef.  Along with this, he would take the fresh hams that were old and slimy from the display case, cut all the unsightly and bad places from the pork and he would also add this to the ground beef. 

    Then in Montana, I worked at a 4013c, non profit group.  While working there as an assistant manager at the store, I came across many dishonest and corrupt activities.  One time, there was a whole estate given and the financial leader took 2 vehicles and gave one to his daughter and one to his nephew.  The two people in charge, would take vacations each month and at Christmas, the money donated to go to the hungry, was put in the general operating fund. 

    If I have come across this much and more in my lifetime, there is no telling just how much dishonesty, corruption and deceit that is actually going on in politics, business and industry.