Is there still an opportunity to earn good money on Hubpages?

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    MissMelissaKposted 3 years ago

    Is there still an opportunity to earn good money on Hubpages?

    I noticed the success stories are gone.  Either that or I just can't find them.  I feel inspired to write but I'm trying to get an idea of how it is currently?  Does anyone have an idea or care to express that you're doing great earning money on here without sharing details.  I'm just trying to get a pulse on here after being gone for so long as for writing any hubs.  Thank you.

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    Inspired to writeposted 3 years ago

    Hey there Melissa, welcome back to H/P

    Great question, & I hoped someone somewhere some bright cheerful day, would ask. Well as it happens I have been experimenting

    You are an entrepreneur, and here to help others through your own personal experiences, (or researched)

    For a year I wrote articles for hubpages (81, and have about 20 articles quality enough to be featured, and now in search engines)

    For the next year I wrote books on Amazon KDP (about 9 books)

    Since the beginning of 2008, though, I made videos for youtube (about 18 videos)

    My income for H/P (with no affiliate links, and just the article views) is around $5 P/M (and on 1 day alone, one day, I was amazed to make $56)

    My income from e-books from Amazon is around $10-40 P/M

    My income from Y/T is (reaching) around $60 P/M

    So there is my experiment, Melissa

    And the best (important) part is, I have learned a lot along the way. New layout & marketing methods concerning all 3 ventures of above.

    For instance, I re-new old worn out articles on H/P, when I dedicate the time to do so, and then they become featured and begin earning in increments. Occasions I write and upload new material to H/P.

    For Amazon KDP, I edit some of my books so they rank better in search engines, and make books more viable so that folk want to read the subject on hand. (& then add the odd book, I know makes an income, & they do, to)

    And for Y/T, I edit old titles and creates more views, better descriptions with keywords & also make new vids along the way.

    These 3 venues are mine to build upon.


    What I am attempting to achieve is: various streams of income, growing into one large pot. I must admit that the revenue on all 3 venues will grow, that is, as I have not neglected them, and continue to grow them, like seedlings in my garden.

    I feel the important factor is Time, it is all about TIME & dedication to your personal cause.

    Both you and I know you have that unique inspiration of a subject, and you need to get off it of your chest, and others would love reading what you know or experienced about.

    Make Y/T videos, too

    Get onto Amazon KDP

    Don't worry about writing a best selling novel on Amazon. But consider self help books for Amazon, this is what the public wants, HELP & REASSURANCE from someone experienced, & something you know about, and they want to learn from you

    Be an inspiration to others

    All the best to you Melissa. Please let me know how you get on

    Many regards, Dale

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      MissMelissaKposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Dale.  That was very detailed and informative.  I really appreciate it.  I will definitely take your advice.  I have been on here since December 2011 and faded away shortly thereafter and in July I received my very first payout. :-)