When you work with disadvantaged people, how do you not 'take your work home wit

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    crackerjack9posted 3 years ago

    When you work with disadvantaged people, how do you not 'take your work home with you'?

    I am a substance abuse counselor in a detox facility. My main goal is to help clients find further treatment and help them prepare for sobriety. When they come into detox, their insurance pays for about 4-6 days. After that, even if I can't find a bed for them in another program, I have to tell them they have to leave-even if they're homeless and have no where to go. It's been two years and I still get knots in my stomach when I can't place a client. I lose sleep and can't get it out of my head. How would you separate work from home?


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    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    It is very hard not to bring your work home if you care about those homeless people, you will be concerned about their safety and their well being. I understand what you are saying because I am a carer myself and you see things at work that can affect your home life. It is very easy to get depressed if you don't know how to leave things at work and forget about them when you go home. At the end of the day, you care about other people and that is why you tend to carry your workload home. But we can't solve all the problems for other people, we can only do so much. Just try to think about your health too and not carry all the problems of other people. I try and forget about work when I get home.

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    Ian Mooneposted 3 years ago

    Your bound to feel the way you do buddy, because you have feelings & you feel empathy for the people you help....All great traits to have, but if it's affecting your home life you need to do some training....Specifically negative emotions feelings & thought control until mastered, & some daily meditation eyes opened & closed until mastered....The emotions & feelings control is to be practised when ever you feel them arising, & the meditation is to clear away any negative emotions feelings or thoughts that you get especially at night....Whilst you do that stuff which will take upwards of a year to fully master, you try to work out/realise the reason why you "shouldn't" be feeling the way you do....I mean you do your best for the people that you help, & so what more could you actually do?....Nothing more right?, & so that's the answer you have to try to realise deep inside....You do your best & that's more than a lot of people will do, you feel bad for the people but that's a normal "reaction" which can be worked on then eliminated for good....So after a good few months of training along with a few hobbies & passions etc, you will get to the stage where you will still have a lot of empathy for your clients just not the negative emotions feelings or thoughts..So yes this could take upwards of a year, but will benefit you within months & is the cure for all negative emotions feelings & thoughts..You cause yours, & so you have to find the way to not cause them..Remember that if you think a sad thought you will manifest negative emotions/feelings for real, so if you feel them coming on check your surroundings & ask: Are these feelings real, or am I feeling for the homeless people..If there's nothing there with you apart from your thoughts, meditate the thoughts away & the feelings will also go..If you find yourself crying & want to stop immediately, again distract the thoughts that we're causing the feelings by doing the following: Look left then right 6 times slowly with your eyes open or closed, & then do a figure of 8 with your eyes again slowly eyes opened or closed 6 times....I'm not making that up & I promise you it will work "every time" you try it no matter what's going on, & I've found comes in very handy. :-)