Why are there so many people today ready to get on welfare. What happened to ou

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  1. Liittle Grandma profile image60
    Liittle Grandmaposted 14 years ago

    Why are there so many people today ready to get on welfare.  What happened to our pride

    People will set and wait for a welfare check and brag about how much they are getting but there are people that can't get help because their ss is a few dollars higher then required.  These others don't try and get it all.  WHY

  2. Ralph Deeds profile image64
    Ralph Deedsposted 14 years ago

    Perhaps it has something to do with  not being able to get a job  so that they can feed their children?

  3. Kebennett1 profile image61
    Kebennett1posted 14 years ago

    I personally have not met one person bragging about how much money they get on welfare. What I have heard is how hard people are trying to find work and can not get it. My son and daughter are both included in this. My 23 year old son has been laid off 5 times in two years due to cut-backs. He is presently unemployed and has been looking for almost a year. He has looked for fast food jobs to phone sales and anything in between! My daughter who is 17 and graduated a year early and attending College this fall is looking for a job. She can not find one either! She has a food handlers certificate and about 8 months restaurant experience. She was laid of 3 months ago due to cut-backs.  Now, my foster daughter, has 3 children, one which has Down Syndrome. Her husband walked out. Believe me she is not bragging. She is not making it. Her pantry and refrigerator are not full, her gas tank is generally empty and the girls are growing out of their clothing. She get's a pittance from welfare. Her husband pays the state child support and they take it. She does not get that and her pittance. She can not go to work. She has no one to care for her children. No work experience either. Her rent alone is over 1/2 of her check. She can not move because she can not save enough money for first and last month in another place. She also has to pay all of her utilities. This does not leave enough for bragging rights!
    I do understand what you are talking about with SS though. My parents get SS and my father used to get Medi-cal 100% covered for health care and In-home supportive services. When he got his cost of living increase it made him a few dollars ineligible. Now he has to pay $500.00 month share of cost on his medical care, and In-home supportive services. It is ridiculous that a few dollars can make you pay $500.00 by their accounting. I don't know how they expect him to pay his rent, utilities, food and misc...I guess they think he has a magic wand. Thank God he has us! We are getting pretty financially strapped now, helping our son, daughter, dad and foster daughter! Something needs to change.

  4. adsensesecrets profile image61
    adsensesecretsposted 14 years ago

    i would have to agree. some people really do need it! and its not even that much! not enough to live on thats for sure! i am sure most people rather make min wage at a job then live on less on welfare. some people do take advantage of it but some people really need it to survive.

  5. Lady_E profile image63
    Lady_Eposted 14 years ago

    I will answer it from a d/f point of view. In the UK, people on welfare get the following benefits; income support, housing benefit, council tax, kids allowance/tax credit.  It adds up.

    Now, there are a lot of people who want to go to work but if they do, by the time they assess their income and what they have to pay out - including child care, they would be better-off financially staying on Welfare.  Sad but True.

  6. MomintheMiddle profile image59
    MomintheMiddleposted 14 years ago

    well, little grandma, let me tell you something. i was laid off in dec and work all the time at part time jobs and never collect the full amt of unemployment, work at part time min wage jobs that's all i can find, but collect part unemployment. the unemployment caps what i can earn  working, so anything over that they cut down my unemployment check, never allowing me to earn above a certain amt. so i never earn more than 55% of what i used to earn. and husband works, too. problem is we have terrible health insurance coverage, and husband has heart failure AND just recovering from cancer AND a tumor in his gut. son needs a $700 drug every month. I need about $800 worth of drugs every month. Hubby, about $650 worth of drugs every month. Son also needs occupational therapy twice a week, me I am supposed to be in physical therapy because I have crippling arthritis. Son also sees a counselor once a week, he's got some cognitive issues. Add up our medical costs NOT COVERED and it takes most of our income and we can't get by. We just were REJECTED for state health insurance coverage because guess what? we make too much, my husband's employer offers health care coverage (never mind they don't actually cover anything like drugs or most required services) and we make too much (nevermind it all goes to paying for the services no one covers). I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON WELFARE RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

  7. A M Werner profile image60
    A M Wernerposted 14 years ago

    The government allowed American businesses to ship middle class manufacturing jobs overseas for slave labor.  Industry leaders have, by greedy practices, taken away many Americans ability to make a decent living.  When people say to the unemployed, get off your butts and get a job, go work at McDonalds or something - they dont really understand what they are saying.  A person with a mortgage, car loans, school loans, healthcare, insurances cannot make ends meet at any of these low paying entry level positions.  The government tells people to go back to school and get re-educated for the jobs of tomorrow?  They dont mention the thousands of brand new college graduates unable to find work?  They just got out of school.  Are they suppose to go back and start over?  The truth is, the economy is a shambles.  It is not about pride when people take any help offered.  It is about being humble enough to do what it takes to make ends meet while hoping and praying for better days and better opportunities.

  8. MsSimple profile image60
    MsSimpleposted 14 years ago

    The simple answer is there are some people who abuse the system.  This will happen no matter what. There are those that are hard workers and do not want to take any assistance for pride or other reasons.  My partner and myself tried to get on welfare because I have been out of work for over 6 months, and the one paycheck is hard for a family of 4. We were denied because he makes too much.  The family of 4 and his income is between $35-$45,000 a year for a family of 4 is tough.  We took it in stride and just tried to save where we could but we are behind on everything.  Pride doesn't have anything to do with it.  If the help is available we should have access to it.  The answer I believe to your question is how do we weed out those that really do not need it.  I have heard lots of stories of people who are working full time and should not be on welfare but are still getting it.  Things like that make it harder for other people like my family that would like to have it but can't.

  9. profile image52
    posted 14 years ago

    Forget government assistance. I dare you to go to through your state forms and see if you could fill them out correctly. I work with homeless people every day, serving them the only meal they eat that day. We can only serve this meal M-F, and we will serve 150,000 meals this year. NO homeless people want to live on government assistance, even if it was enough money to survive, which it isn't. I've never heard a homeless person brag. NO homeless person wants to be homeless. Most of them make a little bit of legitimate money working a full- or part-time job. Most of these jobs are "off-the-books" and of course offer no health insurance. How would you like to try to find a job if your clothes are not clean, you don't have a permanent address, you don't have a drivers license (or you can't even meet the requirements to get a state ID. You can't get a bus pass (or the job is not close to a bus stop), You don't have any way to get the return call inviting you to come to your new job (no telephone, voice mail, or cell phone). Most chronically homeless people either are mentally ill without medication, or self-medicate with drugs and alcohol because they are unbearably miserable--think you might be miserable too if you were them? I know someone who waited in the county hospital emergency room for 19 HOURS just to get her BiPolar medication renewed so she could be stable enough to keep her job. How do people get homeless? They had no safety net. If they have relatives, they get asked to leave if the relative cannot support them, or they are unpredictable  because they are mentally ill or are substance abusers. Or they have no family at all. One way or anther, they fell through the cracks and can't find a way to climb back up. In Dallas, there are 10,000 homeless people and only 2,000 shelter beds. If you subtract that, more than 7,300 people in our community are sleeping on the streets. Dallas just spent $21 million on a homeless center that serves only 300 PEOPLE at a time. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL OF THIS, YOU are not IMMUNE. You could easily be one of these people. If you can't pay your rent or utilities, you lose your home or apartment. You then quickly go through your savings, then exhaust the resources of friends and family. Then you have to live in your car if it hasn't been repossessed. Your car dies and you can't afford to repair it or pay your citations on your "abandoned car," And there you are, no place to live. You would be HOMELESS.

  10. JON EWALL profile image60
    JON EWALLposted 14 years ago

    Dear A M Werner
    There are three major issues in your hub article that you need to investigate to get the picture right.
    1. The government forces companies to relocate the work force because of the taxes imposed on them,highest in the world.In addition to government ,let's not forget the impact that unions impose upon the companies.
    2.The government tells the people that companies (oil and health care ) are making windfall profits.What the government isn't telling the people is that profits are good for the government and citizens  because the government receives 50% of those profits.and is  filling the treasury coffers( which should be used to benefit the people ). Not a bad deal for the citizens, no investment,no risk ,just collecting big bucks for the treasury.
    3.The economy up to December 2006 provided the treasury record income,unemployment was 4.6% and a barrel of oil was $45.00. January 2007 the democrats won control of congress and immediately passed legislation to change government. They passed a bill to change corn into ethanol gasoline.They refused to allow the oil companies to pump our own oil to keep prices down.
    Needless to say, gasoline went up to $4.00 a gallon and food prices escalated creating a major problem in one's home budget.With the increases in home budgets the rising costs created a mortgage payment problem and started the foreclosure problems. The country still had jobs then,until the costs to operate a business could not be sustained.
    In the election  of 2008 , the people voted Barack Obama  full control of the government.The candidate promised jobs and a transparent government.Now one year later he and congress have not produced more jobs and a good economy.Today,unemployment is 10.5% (actually 17% ) and the president says that he inherited the bad economy from the previous administration.
    The American people are proud and do not want welfare.They will when they have no other choice.It's time to wake up and demand that our government stop wasting our money,stop lieing to us and stop interfering with the business community

  11. Harlan Colt profile image80
    Harlan Coltposted 13 years ago

    AM Werner makes good comments. I would add to that:
    When you get up everyday and look out at your dreams and realize there is no longer an even playing field, that even if you do get ahead a little, they tax you and take it away from you - you start to feel like, why bother.

    The bible says a man's labor is worthy of his hire. In other words - pay him for his labor. But government comes along and take 40% or more. So why bother?  It used to be if the average person worked hard and was responsible, they could get ahead. You can still get ahead today, but it is a lot harder for the average bear.
    - Harlan

  12. top-bannana profile image61
    top-bannanaposted 13 years ago

    after 25 years of working full time, i found myself a single mum and having to rely on welfare, I live in the uk and thankfully they are very good here.

    When i mentioned to the council officer that i was looking for a job, she told me not to bother as i'd have to earn a lot to make up for the welfare/benefits i'd get.  Yes i do have pride little grandma and i'd love to find a job, but my situation is this, I've a 3 year old and i cannot afford child care, my lovely mum would look after her, but she is still recovering from 6 months of chemo and is still incredibly weak oh and she got a bout of swine flu on top, and just last week when i thought she was getting some strength back so maybe i could go back to work, she fell and broke her arm.  So still cannot even think about it until i have someone to look after my little girl.  childcare is expensive and we barely have money for food.  and no one will take me on with a child in tow, trust me i have tried.  So yes pride is at stake but sometimes the situation doesn't allow you that pride.

    but if you want some free things for your little ones check out my site anyway


  13. Raptorcat profile image71
    Raptorcatposted 12 years ago

    In these times, if you discount the actually small number of those that are just too lazy to work, you will find that many people do it as a matter of necessity.

    Many of us who have or do receive benefits paid into the system for most of our lives and never took advantage out of pride, but pride doesn't put food on the table or a roof over your head and that is what those benefits are supposed to do, or at least help you do.

  14. Karmallama profile image71
    Karmallamaposted 10 years ago

    The system is very messed up.
    I have met people who have bragged about it. However, those people are usually horrible people and we all know enough horrible people and how they can ruin anything. As a caveat, we all know enough good people and they all seem to be affected by the economy in the state it is.

    I would like to add that I think we're all feeling the heavy wait of a failing/floundering economy and a government system with out-of-touch ideas. Everyone seems to be attacking each other about everything because we're all mad about something we can't do anything about. If we all worked together and stood up against our education system, the government, the big corporations and so on, we could make a difference... But, that is for another argument.

    I would like to offer some real statistics - ones that encompas my life and make me believe that I may be not far from a welfare person if things don't change. I work 3 jobs, I sleep very little. I don't get days off. I have a 3 year old. Daycare is $215 a week. Rent is $800. I make about $2600 a month, before taxes (the after taxes number depresses me), which is just enough to get the ends to see each other but not meet. With the rising prices of gas, electricity, car maintenence, food, taxes, and everything else, I'm finding it harder each day to get by.. If something were to happen, there would be no recovery. I would have to turn to welfare. I would hate it, but I can now see why everyone is falling into that mindset. How much do people want to try before they lean on the government/welfare? That should be the question. I only wished I knew the answer.


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