For those working from home, what are your strategies for acquiring uninterupted

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  1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
    Billie Kelpinposted 7 years ago

    For those working from home, what are your strategies for acquiring uninterupted work time?

    So, I received a lovely invitation to go kayaking today, but I'm trying to finish a hub.  People look at me a little askance (I looked it up and it is what I mean) when I say I want to finish something I'm writing.  I decided, brilliantly, I think, to tell this person that I have a "deadline" to meet.  It's my deadline, but I think people might get it better when put like that.  What do you say when people would like your time, but you want to write?

  2. ChristinS profile image40
    ChristinSposted 7 years ago

    I tell them I'm sorry I have a tight schedule right now, perhaps another day? The same thing I'd tell them if I worked outside the home.  Over the years, I've had to really explain to people in a way that they can understand that "at home" doesn't mean "not really working". 

    At home, I have to be productive because if I don't there is no paycheck.  When I put it like that most people understand better that a flexible schedule doesn't mean I just drop things and run whenever I might want to.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I like ur style ("I have a tight schedule right now, perhaps another day".)Since I never make money doing what I do, I guess I feel a little disingenuous and maybe foolish for turning down people my age who have all the time in the world for fun.

  3. Billie Kelpin profile image85
    Billie Kelpinposted 7 years ago

    Yikes!  I mean UNINTERRUPTED!  Can't change it now. UGH!

  4. liesl5858 profile image83
    liesl5858posted 7 years ago

    Just be honest and let them know that you are busy today and that you got your hub to finish. At least, you are not telling them porkies. I am sure they will understand. Or take the phone off the hook so that they can't phone you or leave a message on your phone that you are busy today and not to be disturbed.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Honesty is always the best policy.  I notice that the word  "hub" doesn't make as much sense to people as using the word "article".  These are, in fact, articles that we write and I often say "I am working on an article."

  5. theman6007 profile image60
    theman6007posted 7 years ago

    My time is very precious, my time has to be guarded with care. I do a lot of things for my family members. I have to draw the line when l am running errands for my family members.
    They can get offended, but they will get over it. Your time is your most valuable asset.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your comment.  Sounds as if you're very giving even though your time is precious smile

  6. Cobrafan profile image79
    Cobrafanposted 7 years ago

    If I'm writing, I simply don't respond to anyone but my wife. I've gotten into the habit of writing an entire hub from start to finish in one sitting. Now I don't work from home, I have a 9-5 sort of job but I write in my free time when I have something to write about. But when I get started, it's either finished it in this sitting or delete it because I'm never going to finish it. Because if I stop writing to go do something else, it could be a long time before I get the motivation again to finish what I was writing. I've spent the past week writing notes for a hub. Just a few, here and there, never spending more than 10 minutes. It could be months before that hub is written. Personally, I think it's a great one too. It's just very in-depth and while I could knock it out in one sitting, I'd leave a lot out so I'm making notes. The notes will likely take me a month to finish, then I have to work up the motivation to put it all into sentences and paragraphs. Add on to that 40+ hours per week at work and my motivation to finish it is lacking. But once I sit down and actually start writing it, I will not text anyone nor take calls from anyone but my wife. It may take 6+ hours to write but once I start I will finish and nothing will be more important until it is done.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Cobrafan, I had to laugh at your comment!  My husband might say I respond to everyone EXCEPT my wife.  (Just kidding here).PS, I remembering responding to your post a few days ago, but it never was listed! Sorry that happened. Thanks for the comment

  7. MPG Narratives profile image87
    MPG Narrativesposted 7 years ago

    I used to work from home and I made it clear at the time that it was not 'housework' and I had to meet writing and publishing deadlines. Too many people have this misconception that working from home gives you time to fit in all the chores as well. It doesn't, paid work from your from home is no different to working in an office, shop or factory ... you have to fit everything else in your life around work. Just be honest and say you have a deadline.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think the word "deadline" is a nice way to put it and gives us credibility.  Thanks for your comment Marie

  8. easylearningweb profile image90
    easylearningwebposted 7 years ago

    I think the main key is disciplining yourself, coupled with another very important thing:  it's best to have an office in your house, a separate room, away from other things.

    When I first went freelance, I used a corner of my bedroom to work and that was my designated work area. it overlooked a window and I had a special desk where I had all my computer equipment and supplies.

    Then a few years ago we decided to have an addition built on the house so I could have a separate office for business. This made a world of difference because it felt like a real office, a real business, with doors to close if needed. I think it's important that the office have  windows, otherwise one may feel cooped up.

    It's very easy to get distracted or wander into the kitchen or family room away from work. But with proper discipline and self motivation it can definitely work to your advantage!

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image85
      Billie Kelpinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Amelia, ah  "discipline". I NEED it!  Separate space is a great idea. Our RV where we live has a computer desk and I have a window.I had to put a sign on our door "Recording" once 'cuz I was doing an audio essay. (I've used that sign other times! smile


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