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Motivating Employees

Updated on June 13, 2017

Motivating employees and finding motivation training to use as workplace motivation follows the same concepts as everyday motivation for someone’s personal life because the common denominator is people.

That’s why all the sales motivation and employee motivation concepts you see below can be beneficial to achieving your goals, whether you’re in the workplace or at home or play.

The quotes below cover many different areas from leadership and motivation to inspirational quotes to harnessing the power of positive thinking to goal setting concepts that can be used for individuals or employees alike. But remember, while all quotes have the power to help us move forward in our lives, you must apply them to your life by taking action, in order for them to truly help.

Here are the quotes for motivating employees!


Please scroll down for tips on motivating employees.
Please scroll down for tips on motivating employees.
Motivational Book If At First You Don't Succeed, Buy This Book!  by David P. Schloss
Motivational Book If At First You Don't Succeed, Buy This Book! by David P. Schloss

Looking for more employee motivation ideas?

Many of these motivating quotes came from the motivational book, If At First You Don't Succeed, Buy This Book! Find out more about this book at Dave

Motivating Employees

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  •  Life is a journey. Therefore every step, good as well as bad, is but a stepping stone in our lives. It is our attitude and determination dictates whether these steps take us closer or farther away from our ultimate goals.
  • If it’s true that we are what we believe, then it becomes critical that we learn to harness the power of our thoughts. Because controlling our thoughts is how we control our future.
  • Your success or failure is not determined by what happens to you - but how you react to what happens to you. In other words, getting knocked down is not the setback. The setback is not getting back up! Anyone who has ever accomplished anything worthwhile in life has been knocked down more than once. Those people succeeded because they kept trying! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you remember the two words that all winners live by - Don't quit!
  • What is your number 1 goal in life? If you have to think about it, then you don't have one! And if you are one who says, "I can't seem to set goals and stick to them." Ask yourself if you could do it, if someone paid you $2,000 per day. If the answer is yes, then we have isolated the problem. It's not lack of ability, but commitment! Become obsessed with your goals! In order to be successful, your main goals should always be in writing and foremost in your mind!
  • Check your attitude (and thought process) throughout the day, as you would a road map while on a trip. It's easy to drift when you consider all the negativism that surrounds us on a daily basis. Since every day is really part of a lifelong journey, you want to make sure you are staying on course. This is critical because all thoughts, whether they are positive or negative, grow stronger with repetition!
  • The first step to achieving what you want in life is to become a dreamer. The next step is to believe in those dreams with so much conviction that nothing can deter you! And remember, with every dream you are also given the power to make it come true!
  • Don’t you find it curious that we can say things about ourselves that would make us furious if it was said by someone else? Most people respond with, “When I say it, I know I don’t mean it.” The problem is, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. It executes all of your thoughts, positive or negative. When you say (or think) “I can’t do this” your subconscious mind begins to find and process reasons why that’s right. When you say, “I can do this,” it again begins to find reasons why you’re right. Remember, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” So, concern yourself more about what you think, than what others say!
  • It is a known fact that many people in the last days of their lives, admit that they wish they had lived their lives differently. Don’t let that happen to you! Have a plan for your life, everyday! Where do you want to be in 1 year, in 5 years? Remember, live every day as if it were your last, but plan as if you will live forever!
  • FEAR is really an acronym for, False Evidence Appearing Real. If you let fear stop you from becoming the person you really want to be, you are giving it power over your life! Remember, you control the life span of your fears, and once you have disposed of them, your own greatness is then limited only by your imagination!
  • Most people I speak with tell me they just don’t have “enough hours in a day” to accomplish everything they want to do. We all know that we cannot “create” more time, but there is a trick that will help us “find” more time. Leave your television off ! Try this for 1 week and see if you don’t suddenly have more time to do the things needed to become more successful. Time is the most important commodity we have! Trade it for things that take you closer to what you truly want in life!
  • I have always believed that success is when opportunity meets preparation. That’s why the effort we put forth today is not wasted, even if it seems to yield no immediate results. It’s part of the preparation stage that puts you at the door when opportunity knocks! It’s winners who see these opportunities, when losers see only problems. It’s winners who say, “I’ll find a way,” when losers say, “It can’t be done.” It’s winners who expect success, when losers expect failure. I believe we can beat most of the competition simply by showing up everyday and working hard. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you begin, only where you finish. And whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future!
  • The question I hear most often whenever I’m a guest on a radio program or for that matter, speaking with people one on one is, “How does someone stay positive when things aren’t going well?” Good question, since it’s easy to be upbeat when everything is going great. One answer is, dwell on what you have and all that is good in your life. Simple, but true. If we look for negatives in our lives, we will find them. However, if we look for positives, we can find those too! Too many people complain about what they don’t have or what is wrong in their lives, instead of taking the time to appreciate and be thankful for all the wonderful things they already have. Take time to think and reflect. Focus on what is good in your life! Enjoying the journey is as important as obtaining the destination. Don’t miss the beautiful scenery you have already been given!


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      Thank you for the kind words, FrugalGal!

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