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Team Motivation Tips

Updated on June 13, 2017

Team motivation and workplace motivation use the same concepts as everyday motivation because the common denominator is people.

That’s why all the sales motivation and workplace motivation concepts you see below can be beneficial to achieving your goals, whether you’re in the workplace or at home or play.

The quotes below cover many different areas such as, inspirational quotes, harnessing the power of positive thinking, leadership and motivation as well as goal setting concepts that can be used for individual or team motivation. But remember, while all quotes have the power to help us move forward in our lives, you must apply them to your life by taking action, in order for them to truly help.

Here are the team motivation tips:

Please scroll down for team motivation tips
Please scroll down for team motivation tips
Motivational Book Don't Tie Yourself Up In Nots  by David P. Schloss
Motivational Book Don't Tie Yourself Up In Nots by David P. Schloss

Looking for more employee motivation ideas?

Read more about the motivational book, Don't Tie Yourself Up In Nots at Dave

Goal Setting

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  • Setbacks, mistakes and problems don’t matter. How we respond to these things is what matters! Getting knocked down should only concern you when you stop getting back up! Life’s winners ALWAYS get back up!
  • Want to change and improve your life? Start first by changing the way you think. Any change that can be seen by others on the outside, always starts first from the inside.
  • The road to success has many twists and turns. It also has many places to pull over and rest. That’s OK as long as the rest stops don’t become permanent parking places. Take time to “smell the roses” just don’t take your eyes off of the ultimate goals in your life.
  • In order to be physically strong you must eat properly to nourish your body with the high-grade fuel it needs. And to be mentally strong, you must feed your mind with regular doses of high-grade (positive) thoughts! Read or listen to positive messages daily and reinforce them throughout the day. You wouldn't starve yourself in an effort to be physically fit, so don't starve your mind of the positive energy it needs to power you to success!
  • In every area of your life, the choices you make today determine who and what you will be tomorrow. Don't be careless with these choices! One area is to choose friends who are compatible with your goals. This allows you to motivate each other toward success. Which brings us to one of the most important success principles. If you want others to help you achieve your goals, always help them achieve theirs, first!
  • Wanting something and having determination for it, are not the same. If you're swimming underwater and get caught on something, you might think, “I want to free myself.” But if it takes too long and you begin running short of air, a sense of urgency turns your "want" into determination! Whenever you go after something in life make sure you're determined to succeed and that you always add a sense of urgency! Every time you go in a particular direction in life, ask yourself, “Is this something I only think I want, or am I determined and passionate about what I am doing?”
  • Having the respect of others is a very important commodity in one’s life. Since respect can’t be purchased for any price, it must be earned. The best way to earn the respect of others is to first develop self-respect, then give your respect to those who earn it. And most importantly, always lead by doing, not talking! Because what you do, always “speaks” more loudly than what you “say”!
  • What does a positive attitude and dieting have in common? First, they help you get in shape, one mentally, one physically. Second, for either to truly be effective, it can’t be a once in a while thing, it is something that takes constant effort. Virtually nothing worthwhile is attained after one attempt. Repetition is the key to success! To accomplish what you want in life, make it a way of life!
  • We all have problems, but how often do you meet people that are always worried about a seemingly endless array of them? Since it has been proven that most of the things people worry about have either already happened or never will, why not increase your productive time by focusing on problems in which you can control the outcome. Problems within our control are really opportunities for us to improve our lives!
  • If you want to succeed, having talent is good, but having perseverance is better. When you have determination and passion in your life, nothing can stop you. Use setbacks to reassess your direction and regain your momentum! Remember, success is having your efforts outnumber your setbacks by one!
  • Study after study has been done examining what makes people successful. And time after time the common denominator is not just having goals, but committing them to writing. Don’t neglect your dreams and goals. Put them in writing today! Having goals without putting them in writing is like not having goals at all. Remember, casual dreams, casual goals makes you a casualty.
  • How would you feel if at this very moment, you lost everything you had? Then, five minutes later, without expecting it, got it all back. Would the answer be, thankful? Well, that’s where you are right now. So take the time to be thankful, now.
  • Many people today believe great opportunities are no longer available for them. They believe it may have knocked on their door a time or two in the past but isn’t likely to keep knocking. Meanwhile, they see others succeeding while they “wait” and many times complain, that they are not being presented with their “big break.” The truth is opportunities are everywhere, however some are disguised as work and some as problems. Rarely do they show up as a sign that reads, “Free gold, help yourself.” Taking advantage of opportunities is usually a combination of two factors. Being open minded and being prepared.



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    • T. A. Northburg profile image

      Tim Northburg 8 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Some very good tips. I talk about many of these things with my sales team on a daily basis. Great Hub!