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Updated on January 9, 2011

Have you ever wanted to convert $US currency into a foreign currency, but needed to determine the current exchange rate? Do you invest in various currencies and like to keep updated on the actual exchange rates for many different foreign currencies? Go Currency has been providing a converter calculator for many different large websites, who want to display or have access to current and accurate foreign exchange rates for many different world currencies. Accurate money rates are critical to businesses, traders and travellers all over the world.

Foreign money exchange rates, to a large degree, determines how companies of all sizes will conduct business in various countries and has a huge impact upon international business activities. The currencies themselves are traded in currency pairs. Online Forex and international banking traders will trade the different currency pairs 24 hours a day for most of the week. How these money rates change relative to the different countries it may be paired with, can greatly influence business between those two countries and with the rest of world. This is one reason why accurate and up to date reporting of the various foreign exchange rates is so critical to involved businesses.

Go Currency Calculator and Foreign Money Exchange Rates

Upon entering their official website you will notice the emphasis toward their strength with is the money calculator and exchange rates. While there, they provide many different Forex resources. You can learn about the different foreign monies and currencies such as the Euro, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, UK Pound, Brazilian Real, Chinese Yuan, Russian Ruble, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Mexican Peso and others. Go Currency does not provide delivery of currencies. They provide a converter calculator and reports updated foreign exchange rates. While at their website you can also find tips on how to change money, tips for travel and currency matters and learn more about currency exchange risks.

International trading of Forex and currencies brings great risk of capital. Nothing on this page constitutes financial advice. See your financial advisor for advice and guidance.

DisclaimerThe content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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      convertcurrency 4 years ago

      I would highly recommend this awesome currency converter website with over 150 currencies with live exchange rates as well as multi-conversion function that allows you to simultaneously convert up to five currencies and export them into xls or txt file.