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How To Make Money On Hub Pages With The Return Of The 60 Day Challenge

Updated on October 29, 2010

Writing For Hub Pages Is Profitable and Fun Too!

Learning how to make money on Hub Pages is a very important part of the 60 day challenge effort. I was a one of the original challengers of the first 60 day challenge started by Sunforged and here I go again with the sequel.

The 60 day challenge was an idea created by Sunforged where a group of challengers work together as a team to promote each other's hubs. We have our own forum where we can discuss promotional ideas and keyword research and other strategies to help us make money on Hub Pages.

In order to make money on Hub Pages your have to first write quality hubs and you should write several under one topic grouping so you can link them all together. This interlinking of hubs gives you the advantage of creating backlinks from Hub Pages for your hubs.

Another necessary step is to promote your hubs in other places such as blogs, RSS feeds, social bookmarking sites etc. The unique thing about the 60 day challenge is that the team works together towards a common goal of making money on Hub Pages.

If you use keyword research to target longtail phrases and promote your hubs in key places, you will make money on Hub Pages whether it is through Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Ebay Partner Network or affiliate marketing. All of the resources work, it is just a matter of how much you want it and the members of the 60 day challenge want it bad. If you would like to join Hub Pages to make money you can sign up here.

60 DC Sequel - How To Make Money On Hub Pages
60 DC Sequel - How To Make Money On Hub Pages

Goal With The Return Of The 60 Day Challenge

The most important part of any plan is goal setting. You have to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and know that you can achieve it.

Here are my goals with the sequel to the 60 Day Challenge.

1. Make more money on Google Adsense.

2. Complete the entire 60 day challenge

3. Increase Amazon earnings.

4. Increase Ebay earnings.

5. Increase Traffic to over 1,000 views per day.

6. Make some money with affiliate marketing through Hub pages.

Steps That I Will Use To Achieve My Goals:

1. Do backlinking every day for my hubs in the 60 day challenge.

2. Focus on 3 subject areas with 10 hubs for each subject.

3. Make a daily update to my Hub Log with more detailed information.

4. Use keyword research effectively

5. Take advantage of the opportunity of the upcoming Christmas shopping period.

Keyword Research For Making Money With Hub Pages and the 60 Day Challenge Sequel

Choosing keywords that will make you money and don't have a lot of competition is a very important part of developing money making hubs. I am doing some research on the keywords I want to use and the group of topics that I want to target.

Because the 60 day challenge is close to the start of the holiday season I want to specifically target hub topics that will make affiliate income. Here are my ideas for hub subjects for the second 60 day challnge.

1. Halloween Hubs - 7 Hubs

2. Christmas Hubs - 7 Hubs

3. Jewelry Hubs - 5 Hubs

4. Anti Aging Hubs - 5 Hubs

5. Travel Hubs - 6 Hubs

Hub Pages Starting Stats 8-18-2010
Hub Pages Starting Stats 8-18-2010
Hub Pages Midway 60DC2 9-19-10
Hub Pages Midway 60DC2 9-19-10
Statistics At The End Of The 60 Day Challenge
Statistics At The End Of The 60 Day Challenge

Hub Log Time Line Day By Day

Follow along with the 60 day challenge log.

Pre-Start- Create this log.

Day 1 (8/18/10) - Commented and read through all hub logs for the 60 day challenge sequel and am following all members of the 60 day challenge team.

Day 2 - Set up and submitted RSS feeds for the 60 day challenge hubs.

Day 3 - Did some keyword research for 60 DC hubs. More RSS feed submitting.

Day 4 - Keyword research again.

Day 5 - Published Hub #1 - Vintage Halloween Postcards

Day 6 - RSS Feed submitting. Twitter feeds with the hashtags.

Day 7 - Researching hubs.

Day 8 - Researching and writing hubs.

Day 9 - Published Hub #2 - Cool Halloween Costumes. Continuing to submit all feedburner feeds that I created to even more sites that will accept them.

Day 10 - Published Hub #3 - Halloween Witch Costumes. Published Hub #4 How To Have A Halloween Costume Party. Published Hub #5 Fun Halloween Food Ideas.

Day 11 - Published Hub #6 - Halloween Jewelry. Published Hub #7 Vintage Jewelry

Day 12 - Vacation

Day 13 - Vacation (8-30-10)

Day 14 - Vacation

Day 15 - Vacation

Day 16- Submitted backlinks.

Day 17 - I was too involved in keyword research.

Day 18 - Published Hub #8 - Vintage Christmas Cards

Day 19 - Published Hub #9 - Las Vegas Buffets, Backlinking

Day 20 - Published Hub #10 Cheap Halloween Costumes.

Day 21 - Published Hub #11 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts. Published Hub #12 Vintage Christmas Decorations

Day 22 - Published Hub #13 Christmas Gifts For Mom.

Day 23 - Published Hub #14 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Published Hub #15 - Personalized Name Necklace

Day 24 - Published Hub #16 Collagen Cream. (9-11-10)

Day 25 - Published Hub #17 - Best Anti Aging Skin Care. Published Hub #18 Eye Wrinkle Cream

Day 26 - Published Hub #19 - Best Anti Aging Products Published #20 Anti Aging Secrets

Day 27 - Hub writing.

Day 28 - Published Hub #21 - The West Side Market

Day 29 - Published Hub #22 - Things To Do In Cleveland Published Hub #23 - Things To Do Lake Chautauqua

Day 30 - Published Hub #24 - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Hub #25 Spend A Day At Put In Bay Hub #26 Christmas Figurines Hub #27 Meaningful Christmas Gifts. I couldn't finish it on time. It will be 30 hubs in 31 days. I tried.

Day 31 - Published Hub #28 Stockings Stuffers For Kids Published Hub #29 Opal Jewelry Published Hub #30 Silver Charms. I finished my 30 hubs on day 31 of the challenge but since I didn't publish my first hub until Day 5 I technically published 30 hubs within 30 days. That's definitely a successful goal reach in my book. Woo! Hoo! for me! Now on to promotion.

Day 32 - Tweaking of hubs. Posted traffic graph.

Day 33 - Tweak week.

Day 34 - Tweak week.

Day 35 - Tweak week. (9-22-10)

Day 36 - Tweak week.

Day 37 - Tweak week.

Day 38 - Tweak week.

Day 39 - Created blogger blogs for phase 2.

Day 40 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 41 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 42 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 43 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 44 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 45 - Working on 2nd phase promotional strategies.

Day 46 - Creating blogs.

Day 47 - Blogging for backlinks. Oct 4

Day 48 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 49 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 50 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 51 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 52 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 53 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 54 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 55 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 56 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 57 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 58 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 59 - Posting links to hubs.

Day 60 - Posting links to hubs. Keeping up on forums.

Some of the promotions do not get complete withing 60 days but I keep on working on it. I posted my final stats graph also.

My 60 Day Challenge Hub Summaries By Group

Halloween Hubs

Halloween Postcards -

Collecting vintage Halloween postcards is a fun hobby. You can find vintage Halloween postcards at flea markets and estate sales but probably the best place to find old Halloween postcards is on Ebay. Collectors of vintage Halloween postcards looks for popular names such as Frances Brundage, Bernhardt Wall, Fred Lounsbury, Ellen Clapsaddle and Samuel Schmucker. Old vintage Halloween postcards are usually quite animated and whimsical in their designs. Halloween postcards were very popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's as a way to send greetings to friend and families. Now these vintage Halloween postcards are valuable and very collectible. Its a fun hobby to have because its challenging to find all the different vintage Halloween postcards.

Cool Halloween Costumes -

Shopping for cool Halloween costumes can be a fun experience each Halloween season. Every year there is a new selection of cool Halloween costumes that you can easily buy online. Shopping online for cool Halloween costumes makes sense because you can find a large selection of the best Halloween costumes for this season. Both Amazon and Ebay offer great deals on all the most wanted cool Halloween costumes for this season. Take a look at the best sellers on this site. If you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to the site for more details. Items will be shipped to your home right in time for Halloween. You will find many of the coolest Halloween costumes are based on movie characters, television shows, cartoon characters and Halloween scary themed costumes. When you go to a Halloween party this year you'll want to have one of the cool Halloween costumes.

Halloween Witch Costumes -

Halloween witch costumes are always a popular choice for Halloween. Both kids and adults like to dress up as witches to get into the haunted spirit of the holiday. Its a traditional choice for a Halloween costume but can be found in many different unique costumes. Whether you are looking for cute Halloween witch costumes for a child or a sexy Halloween witch costume for adults, you can find a great selection of styles online. Additionally, witch Halloween costumes also can be found in other colors other than the traditional black if you're looking for something different. Black and orange, black and green and even black and pink are modern color combinations for Halloween witch costumes. You will find that the best selection of Halloween witch costumes are sold online.

Halloween Food -

Halloween is a fun holiday and there is plenty of fun Halloween food to make that will make the holiday even more special. From main dishes to desserts to snacks I have created a list of my favorite Halloween food. If you use some of the Halloween food ideas on this page you will be a hit on Halloween this year. Taking that extra time to make a child smile or even an adult makes all the difference. Most of the Halloween food recipes are made by adding a little something such as color or shape to make it for Halloween. Even simple food like burgers or pudding can be given a Halloween touch to it. Simple and fun ways with food to make a Happy Halloween memory. You can use these recipes for the office, a Halloween party, to give as a gift or just to make at home for the family. This year have some Halloween fun with Halloween food.

How To Have A Halloween Costume Party -

Throwing a Halloween costume party is a fun activity during the Halloween season. Halloween is a time when everyone gets a chance to dress up in a costume and have a good time. Planning a Halloween costume party is fun. There are all kinds of spooky looking Halloween things you can do to make your party special whether the party is for kids or adults. At Halloween both kids and adults like to join in the haunted fun! This article will give you ideas on decoration, Halloween fun food, party games and entertainment for your Halloween costume party.

Buy Halloween Jewelry Online -

Halloween is all about dressing up and wearing Halloween jewelry is a big part of it. Wearing Halloween jewelry is fun because you can wear it before the actual holiday. Wearing a Halloween pin, necklace or earrings helps you get into the spirit of Halloween fun. You can use specific Halloween jewelry to add to your costume accessories or you can just wear the jewlery for the haunted fun of it. Many pieces of the Halloween jewelry light up for more exciting Halloween fun. Shopping online for Halloween jewelry is a great idea because you get a great selection with great prices.

Cheap Halloween Costumes -

If you are looking for cheap Halloween costumes, there are many imaginative things you can do to create your own Halloween costumes. Even if you are not crafty there are plenty of items you may have around the house without spending a lot of money that can add up to be a great but cheap Halloween costume.I have put together a list of ten Halloween costumes that can be worn by adults or kids that can be made by using a few items. Most of them are very easy to create so take a look at the list. You can also find cheap Halloween costumes on Ebay if you would rather shop online.


Jewelry Hubs

Buy Vintage Jewelry Online -

Vintage jewelry has a beautiful nostalgic quality to it. Vintage jewelry pieces were made long ago and it seems to have a distinct aura from the ladies who used to wear it. Wearing and collecting vintage jewelry had become very popular in modern times. Old antique jewelry is used to accessorize fashionable outfits of today. You may also buy vintage jewelry to add to costumes that you might wear for Halloween or other costume parties. It is fun to experiment with the various vintage jewelry pieces. If you are looking to buy vintage jewelry, you can find beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry such as lockets, rings, bracelets, necklaces and so much more online. This article shows unique styles of vintage jewelry that you will probably find to be very nostalgic.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet -

A sterling silver charm bracelet makes a perfect gift for a girl or woman of any age. The great thing about owning a sterling silver charm bracelet is that you can keep it forever. Throughout the years of your life you can collect silver charms to commemorate special moments in your life. Once you have a sterling silver charm bracelet you can have charms to remember favorite vacations, important days, holidays, and all kinds of other special events. If you are looking for a special gift for a special someone in your life, a sterling silver charm bracelet is the perfect idea and the selection online is outstanding as you can see in this article.

Personalized Name Necklace -

A personalized name necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry. It can be worn with most kind of fashions and looks really nice with a sweater, a blouse or a simple dress. A personalized name necklace can be designed from both gold and silver. It makes a wonderful gift and is something the receiver will treasure for a long time. A personalized name necklace is custom made especially for the receiver and a gift they will treasurer for a long time. You can find a personalized name necklace in script or a pendant can be engraved with a name. There are many different types of personalized name necklaces sold online. This article will show you the best places to find a personalized name necklace.

Buy Opal Jewelry Online -

Next to diamonds, opal jewelry is my favorite. In fact opal jewelry with diamonds are an awesome choice. I love the white opal gemstones that have all the various colors in it. They really look so pretty in any kinds of setting whether its a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace. If you are looking to buy opal jewelry for yourself for as a gift the choices online are outstanding. There are many different kinds of opal jewelry you can purchase including an Australian opal, or a Mexican fire opal. Blue opals and black opals are also an option if you are looking to buy opal jewelry online.

Buy Silver Charms Online -

Silver charms make a lovely addition to a bracelet or necklace. You can find silver charms in many different designs and its fun to collect the many different silver charms you can find. Buying silver charms for a charm bracelet makes a great gift idea. You can buy silver charms to commemorate special events such as holidays, trips, birthdays, weddings, and graduations. You can also find silver charms in special designs such as musical notes, cheerleading, animals, dance, and just about any hobby you can think of. That's why buying silver charms is such a wonderful gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays and other special days. You can really personalize the charm you pick out to match the person that your are buying a gift for. Buying a silver charm shows the receiver that you went the extra step to buy a meaningful gift.


Christmas Hubs

Vintage Christmas Cards -

Vintage Christmas cards have beautiful and nostalgic designs. Christmas cards from years past capture the feelings of an old time Christmas. The faces on the children are cherub like and the designs of pictures are just old fashioned and sweet. The Santas on old Vintage Christmas cards look different than they do on Christmas cards made today. So do angels, Nativity scenes, snowman and just about any design you my find on vintage Christmas cards. Making vintage Christmas cards part of your holiday celebration will give you a warm and cozy, vintage Christmas holiday season. You can use vintage Christmas cards for sending out greetings or you can use the pictures for decorations or gift cards.

Most Wanted Christmas Gifts -

Everyone wants to know this year's most wanted Christmas gifts. They might be the top electronic items or the top video games but if you are looking for a great Christmas gift you need to check out this list. Whether you are the giver or the receiver, It is exciting to both give and receive one of the most wanted Christmas presents at Christmas. Shopping online for the most wanted Christmas gifts make sense because you don't need to fight the mall crowds and the item will be shipped right to your home.

Vintage Christmas Decorations -

Vintage Christmas decorations have a nostalgic quality about them. People love to decorate with vintage Christmas decorations because it adds a nice festive feeling to the home. If you are looking for vintage Christmas decorations shopping online makes a lot of sense because you can't just walk into a store and buy authentic vintage Christmas Decorations. You may be able to buy reproductions of vintage Christmas decorations if that is what you are looking for but if you want the real honest to goodness vintage items then Ebay is the place to buy. You will be able to find vintage Christmas ornaments, vintage plastic reindeer and vintage Empire plastic decorations to name a few of the many vintage Christmas decorations that are on Ebay.

Christmas Gifts For Mom -

Buying great Christmas gifts for Mom is a challenge each year. With everything that Mom does, you to want to make sure that her Christmas present is extra special. When considering great Christmas gifts for Mom you have to take into account what she likes to do. It may be that she likes to collect some specific items such as music boxes or angel statues and you could add to the collection. Maybe she has a special hobby and a perfect gift would be something geared towards that hobby. Another idea is to buy something extravagant that you know she would not buy for herself. The point is to put some thought in to the gift buying this Christmas. Shopping online for great Christmas gifts for Mom makes perfect sense.

Christmas Figurines -

There's something about Christmas that makes you collect Christmas items such as Christmas figurines. They are fun both to display as part of your home Christmas decor and Christmas figurines are fun to collect. If you collect certain manufacturers, every holiday season you can look for the latest Christmas figurine. Maybe you prefer to collect in a theme such as Santa Christmas Figurines, Snowman Christmas figurines or even Christmas figurine ornaments. Shopping online for Christmas figurines makes a lot of sense because you can get great deals and there is an awesome selection available.

Meaningful Christmas Gifts -

Buying meaningful Christmas gifts has always been my goal when I Christmas shop. If I am just buying one Christmas present for someone I want to make sure it is special. It won't be a tie or a shirt or a pair of gloves because that doesn't show a person that I care what they like. It also won't be a card with money. Meaningful Christmas gifts show that you made an extra effort in shopping. Meaningful Christmas gifts is the little extra time you spend to find out what a person likes or something that is heartfelt. Often meaningful Christmas gifts are handmade with love. This article is a suggestion of meaningful Christmas gifts for this Christmas season.

Stocking Stuffers For Kids -

Buying the best stocking stuffers for kids can be fun but it can also be a challenge to find unique items. I know my kids love to open their stocking on Christmas morning even now when they're are older. Each one of my kids stocking stuffers were always wrapped which is probably one of the reasons why they enjoy opening their Christmas stocking so much. I'm always looking for little items that would fit perfectly in a stocking so I have a stash of little stocking stuffers ready to fill. This article is a list of the best stocking stuffers for kids this Christmas season and every kid would love find one of them in their Christmas stocking this year.


Travel Hubs

Las Vegas Buffets -

Las Vegas is not only known for its gambling but also for its lavish buffets. Las Vegas buffets are hugely popular in Vegas. You can find a great buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Las Vegas buffets usually have food stations with various international food items such as Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese and Mexican. The cuisines for these buffet items are prepared with great quality and freshness. I have recommended my favorite Las Vegas buffets and have included a map so you know where to find the best buffets in Vegas.

The West Side Market -

Shopping at the West Side Market in Cleveland is a unique experience in shopping. Since 1912, the market has been a staple in Cleveland’s history. It is Cleveland's oldest publicly owned market. The West Side Market thrives in tradition and offers both visitors and local residents the chance to buy fresh produce, bakery, meats, seafood and other food products in one place from hundreds of merchants. The ethnic diversity of the vendors is vast including good food choices from the nationalities of Irish, German, Polish, Slovenian, Italian, Middle East, Greek and Russian among others. With that much culture intermixed you can imagine what kind of unique shopping experience it is at the West Side Market. If you want to have a unique day in a unique atmosphere give the West Side Market in Cleveland a visit.

Things To Do In Cleveland -

Cleveland, Ohio has been known as "the best location in the nation" but what exactly are the best things to do in Cleveland? There are plenty things to do in and around the Cleveland area but you have to know where to find them. Cleveland is located in Ohio on the southern shores of Lake Erie where the Cuyahoga River meets the lake. Cleveland has always been a city filled with industry since it was chartered a city in 1836. It has a great downtown area with shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Cleveland attractions include something for everyone whether you are a fan of sports, culture or shopping. If you spend a day in the area, you won't be disappointed with all the things to do in Cleveland.

Things To Do Around Chautauqua Lake -

Chautauqua Lake area in western New York is filled with things to do and places to see year round. Whether you enjoy the warmth of a summer day or the brisk cold of a snowy one there is something for everyone to do in this beautiful region. Chautauqua Lake is a 23 mile long lake but only a mile wide at its widest point. At the very northern tip of the lake is the city of Mayville and at the very southern tip of the lake is the city of Jamestown. In between those two cities lie one of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen. On a summer day the water is sparkling and you hear the sound of boats skimming over the surface of the water. In the winter over the frozen tundra of the lake you hear the engines of the snowmobile as they fly over the surface of the ice.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo -

The Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo is a great place to spend a day for both young and old alike. It is Cleveland's nature's wonder. The zoo is spread over 165 acres and all of the exhibits display the zoo animals in their natural habitats. The zoo is divided up into sections based on the types of animals and the sections are spread out quite a bit. The upper level of the zoo is quite a hike as it is at the top of a steep hill. However there are free trams that take you around to the various exhibits and they pick up and drop off at scheduled tram stops. Of course if you prefer to walk its a great hike through the zoo. Spending a day at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a great way to enjoy a day with your family because there is so much to see and do!

Spend A Day At Put In Bay -

Spending a day at Put In Bay is a unique adventure. Put In Bay is located on South Bass Island in the Lake Erie Island area. The island itself is a tiny jewel in Lake Erie and measures only 2 miles by 4 miles. Put In Bay is a magical place with quaint little shops, tasty eateries and fun bars amongst other things. There are accommodations available such as hotels, cottages and bed n breakfasts. Its a good idea to have reservations especially on summer weekends as the places tend to book early. You can get to Put In Bay by boat or plane. There are plenty of activities and visiting Put In Bay is a great way to spend a day.


Anti Aging Hubs

Collagen Cream For Wrinkle Treatment -

Collagen is a a fibrous protein found in skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissues throughout the body. Collagen is very important to the structure of the skin. In the skin, it is found in the dermis layer and it is what gives the skin its strength.Collagen cream for wrinkle treatment is thought to be a good way to improve and keep your youthful appearance. When people age they lose approximately 30% of the collagen in the skin. This causes aging skin to wrinkle, sag and lose its elasticity and makes you look older. Collagen cream reduces the affect of aging and wrinkling.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care -

Using the best anti aging skin care tips are very important to keep your skin younger looking. As we age the skin seems to be the first thing to go. Sun and the effects of the environment seem to take a toll on our skin and we lose the moisture that keeps are skin young looking. When the skin loses moisture it loses collagen and elastin which are the components of healthy skin. Collagen keep the skin strong and holds things together. It is very much about connectivity in tissue. Elastin makes are skin supple and soft. It is vital to your skin health to make sure your skin retains healthy levels of collagen and elastin. This article is a collection of the best anti aging skin care tips so you can look younger.

Eye Wrinkle Cream For Crows Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles -

Using an eye wrinkle cream for aging events of the eye such as crows feet and under eye wrinkles makes a lot of sense. The eye wrinkle cream will add moisture to the eye area and smooth out the problems so it reduces wrinkles. Of course preventing those wrinkles from forming make a lot of sense too. Staying out of the sun and not smoking are two major things that will prevent wrinkles, but if you already have the crows feet and the eye wrinkles you can use some of the best eye wrinkle cream to get rid of them. The secret to getting reid of the crows feet and under eye wrinkles is in the care you take as part of daily routine.

Anti Aging Secrets -

If you had access to anti aging secrets that would make you look younger then you will actually feel younger. Looking younger gives you confidence and positive sense of energy that results in feeling younger. Looking for that fountain of youth has been an age old quest. It has spurred the manufacturing of so many anti aging products that it is confusing to sort things out. This article will offer some insight on some of the better ones anti aging secrets that will make you look younger and take away some of those wrinkles.

Best Anti Aging Products -

Everyone is in a quest to retain their youth but what exactly are the best anti aging products on the market today? It really is confusing and hard to decipher what works and what doesn't from all the anti aging products that are available which ones are actually the best. You can control your longevity with how you live your life. Environmental factors affect the length of life as do things we do or don't do in our lifetime such as smoking, exercising and eating right. Of course genetics play a part in the length of your life span but there are things you can do and products you can buy that are geared toward anti aging. This article attempts to reveal what really are the best anti aging products for looking younger.


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