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HubChallenge Tips : A Complete Tips Guide to Success in HubChallenge and Drive Hub Traffic through Google and Hubpages

Updated on May 13, 2009

After opening my email, I found an email form Ryan Hupfer about Hubpage Challenge. I read the mail & follow the links of the mail and it redirected me to the forum post. From there, I came to know that HubChallenge already starts two days ago and many hubbers published many hubs. 100 hubs in 30 days or 30 hubs in 30 days!! A great awesome idea!! I just read the forum posts and don't give much attention to read all the posts. Rather I run for the challenge. This published hubpage will be the first post to join the HubChallenge. In this page, I will tell you some of the great tips to success in HubChallenge. You may follow the tips to make yourself as the winner of HubChallenge. I already don't know what will be the prize or is it a game or .... ?? Without knowing anything, I just jump the HubChallenge. So, don't wait... Jump to HubChallenge...

If You don't have any hubpages account, click here to JOIN HUBPAGES & join HUBPAGE CHALLENGE

Why You Will Join To HubChallenge:

  • To published more hubpages.
  • To earn more money.
  • To set a goal.
  • To take HubChallenge as your favourite hobby.
  • To collect more fans.
  • To join more hubbers fan club.
  • To find great articles or hubs in hubpages.
  • To be familiar as a good writer.
  • To fulfill a certain target.
  • To be familiar to most of the hubbers of hubpages.
  • To know the great secret tips to earn money.
  • To know the secret to drive traffic of your hubpages.
  • To increase the efficiency of your quality.
  • To build your own network.
  • To collect more referrals.
  • To learn more deeply about Hubpages.
  • To learn the smart techniques of SEO.
  • To learn the smart usage of keywords and revenue capsules.
  • To share useful hubs to your friends.
  • To learn the advertisement techniques of your hubpages.
  • To tell your success story to all of your friends.
  • At last, laugh, enjoy and earn money ....

A Complete Tips Guide to Success in HubChallenge

To become a successful hubber in HubChallenge competitions, it's better to follow a guide. I'm not an expert guy to make such type of guide. Yet I tried myself to build such type of a guide book. This guide book will let you to make you a successful HubChanllenge champion. So, why you are waiting? Read the guide and challenge the world!!

Publish more hubpages

Most of the hubbers have a small no of published hubpages. Me too, have a small no of hubpages. Until now, I only have 95 published hubpages. So, if you join this competition then you can easily increase the no of hubpages. The more hubpages you have, the more you will be benefited... like, you have more fans, you can earn more money and so more... So, join HubChallenge competition. 100 hubs in 30 days or 30 hubs in 30 days. Choose any one and increase the no of your published hubpages.

Earn more money

Like me, most of the hubbers main aim is to earn money. If you have more hubpages with good contents, more people will visit to your hubs and you will earn an extra money easily. The more hubpages you have, you can earn more money easily. So, join the competition and published more hubpages.

Refresh your mind through HubChallenge

If you only take the competition as a challenge, then very soon you will be bored and you will not be a successful winner. So, take it as a refreshment. Create and publish more hubpages in a creative way. Use your hubpages as a refreshment. For example, I have already taken decision that I must publish 100 hubs. So, I start form 100 instead 1. It's quite unfamiliar to all other. Everyone starts form 1, 2, 3,....,100 but I start form 100, 99, ....1. So, it's become an interesting for me. I think I must success. You may follow my techniques or discover your own techniques.

Collect more fans

If you have more hubpages and if you are a active user, you can easily collect more fans. If you have more fans, you can easily get a good traffic to all of your hubs. Moreover, if your hubs are really informative then your fans also advertise about your hubpages. So, HubCompetition helps you to collect more fans and in terms to increase your hubs traffic.

Find your favourite fan clubs and join there

If you have published more hubpages then you will see that there are many hubbers who also published similar type of topics. You will also learn many things of your favourite topics from there. So, you can easily discover interesting hubbers pages and can join their fan club to discover your interested topics. It really helps you much to success in hubpage life.

Discover great hubpages

All the hubpages are informative and they are really important at least a hubber or a non-hubber. So, you can find great informative hubpages in hubpages. Just search hubpages and I'm sure you will find something which is really informative or very helpful to you. Don't believe? Just make a search by using the top-right corner's search box of this page.

Express yourself as a good writer

If you published more quality hubpages then you can easily familiar to all. Everybody will like your hubpages and you will be inspired. The output is that you become a good publisher and easily earn more money with a short time.

Fill your target

To fill your target, HubCompetition is the best. If you are successful in HubCompetition, you can easily add 100 more hubs easily. You must achieve some good things easily such as good hub traffic and a handsome money obviously!!

Trying to know most of the hubbers in hubpages

If you successfully finish the competition, you must be familiar to some of the good hubbers. They can give you good suggestion or good tips etc. which are really helpful for you to be a successful hubber in hubpage family.

Learn great secret tips to earn money

Are you a person to know the tips of making money easily. If so, you must have to join HubCompetition. If you join here, you may easily make sense the easiest way to earn money through publishing hubpages. Publish hubpages and read other hubpages and find the tips you required. Actually, it helps you to be a good publisher. So, the future benefit is to earn an extra money.

Drive gigantic traffic

When you join the HubCompetition, your main aim should be achieving a huge no of traffic through Google, Yahoo or Hubpages. If you advances by targeting this goal, you must success in this competition.

Improve yourself

When you finished 100 or 30 hubs in 30 days, you must be able to improve your quality. For example, for the first hub you may be needed 6 hours. Now, if you try to achieve those target, you will see that your 100th hub takes less than 6 hours. So, use it as for your own improvement.

Build your own network

If you publish more hubpages and join others fan club, you can easily build your own network easily. So, use this competition as to make a group. It surely, helps you in long future.

Boost your earnings through referrals

The another goal of any hubber should be collecting more referrals. The value of referrals is great. Remember, HubCompetition is really very helpful to acquiring referrals. You may compete to your friends by maximizing the referrals no. It really has a great achievement to build huge site traffic and to earn a handsome every month.

Learn more about hubpage

Most people don't know about the ins and outs about hubpages. Hubpages help is really cool to learn about hubpages. Moreover, the forum is another great value to know about hubpages. Try to publish more pages and give your feedback in the forum about your problems, achievements, query etc. It really helps a hubber to learn all about hubpages.

Discover the SEO

While trying to publish more hubpages, set your aim to rank your pages at Google's first page. Analyze your hubs keywords and try to build a good concept about SEO and apply the knowledge to your hubs. As you publish more hubs, you will know more about SEO and the resulting effect is that your page will be the top of Google.

Use smart keywords and revenue capsules

Build the concept of keywords and try to figure out the revenue capsules. Organize your hubs Google Search friendly. Make the list of smart keywords and publish your hubpages. The more you publish, the smarter you will be to use keywords.

Share your hubpages

Always try to make good hubs with excellent content. Now, share it with your friends. For example, I have a nice hub which has the list of antivirus removal tools.The hubpage is An Extensive List of Antivirus Removal Tools or Uninstallers form Your Computer. It's really very helpful to many person. So, create these type of hubs and share it to your friends.

Be a good publisher

A good publisher always has a target to earn the maximize benefit among others. To be a good publisher, you must have to apply certain no of techniques. You have to be a good writer, your content should be unique and useful etc. Moreover, you should advertise your pages technically.

Share your success story

As you are joining HubChallenge, always try to tell and share your success story in the forum. Your success story is really very helpful to others. Moreover, it will helps you too. You will see that you have a leadership quality to write in hubpages. So, share your success in the forum.

At last, laugh, enjoy and earn money ....

All the tips are really helpful if you join the HubChallenge. The main aim of this is to build yourself as an excellent hubber in the hub world. You really enjoy it. Make it very easy. You will see that you are the happiest hubber among the hubbers. Try to spread your happiness among the hubbers. Lastly, you will also find an extra thing. Do you realize? I think, you do so. Yeah, it's about your earning. It really boost your hub traffic and you can easily earn much money.

To sum up, I want to conclude my opinions. In this page I want to provide the greatest reasons to join HubCompetion and to achieve it's great golden impacts. I think it's a complete tips guide to success in HubChallenge. It really drives good traffic through Google and Hubpages or any other source. I think, it will be very helpful if you jump the HubCompetition by following some of the tips I mentioned before. At last, I want to say, Happy Hubbing!! Happy HubCompetition!! And Happy Earnings!!

HubChallenge Hub # 100 [I start counting from the last]

© Written by rancidTaste and a special thanks to Ryan Hupfer [as he mailed me about the competition]


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    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanksmaggs224 for your comment. Thanks for taking the guideline for practicing. Hope..... you will success soon in the hub Competition and earns a lot....

    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks ysdata...for your comment. I start the challenge based on the above mentioned tips. I'm sure if anyon follow some of the guidelines...he or she must success :)

    • maggs224 profile image


      9 years ago from Sunny Spain

      I found your page useful I am off now to try and put some of it into practice

    • profile image


      9 years ago

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You are on point -- great list.


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