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HubNugget Advice

Updated on August 25, 2016

HubNugget Advice

I have been a member of the ‘Elite Team’ (sic) for a few weeks now and I am very much surprised. Surprised that I have not yet found myself sailing through the air, assisted by the boots of the other ‘Elites’, my journey indicated by a dotted line and a few appropriate cartoon type stars and exclamation signs. How these clear and ruthless thinkers, these ‘Elites’, with their huge bulging foreheads – which are necessary to accommodate their massive brains - put up with me is a mystery to me.

They are too polite to imply that they have long ceased to be part of that selected small group for which the De Greeks have catered in literary fashion ever since our arrival at the haloed halls of HubPages and they are too cultured to suggest that the De Greeks might perhaps be a teensy weensy bit ivory-skulled. However, their manner is undeniably on the curt side at times and even a man with a less sensitive soul than the De Greeks possess might be somewhat troubled. To be fair though, they have dropped a few hints about the De Greek reluctance to demonstrate sufficient pleasure at the occasional chats with HubPages authority which become necessary because of my occasional lack of decorum. They have, for example, frowned at my discussing my wife’s ass on HubPages.

THE HUBPAGES TEAM with our Glorious Leader

Dignity has tried to resist the panic which is pounding at the door of my soul and shameful, morbid thoughts of suicide have been regular visitors of late. So, in order to calm myself and at the same time make a probably vain attempt to sooth a few Elite feathers and more importantly to avoid the boot, I shall now try to contribute to the high standards of the other ‘Elites’ work by giving advice to newcomers, since by definition HubNuggets are designed to accommodate and encourage neophytes. I ask them only to bear in mind that even though they might consider my approach to the subject to be a reckless and unconsidered one, and might disapprove of my methods, my intentions are pure and I am motivated only by my desire to educate and to kiss ass.


If you are here because you either have a passion for writing or you simply want to improve your writing, then you have come to the right place. There are a number of authors on HubPages who are really made for much better things than just laying around here with the rest of us, but while they are still here we could all benefit by reading their stuff and trying to understand how they do it. Some of the ones I have come across and whom I seriously (and enviously) admire as writers are listed here:


Feline Prophet

First and foremost in my opinion is Feline Prophet. What a writer! She never fails to interest, whatever subject she decides to write on. If you want to learn to write, make sure that you read all of her hubs with religious care.

Pam Roberson

Pam is one of those naturally talented people who do not, I think, fully understand how gifted they truly are. Her writing is poetic and inspiring and I for one have learned from her.


I am fond of saying that plagiarizing tonymac04 should become permissible by an act of Parliament. He is that good, especially when he writes about the heroes of South Africa, who fought Apartheid with courage and consistency under very dangerous conditions.


What a talent this man has. Do yourself a favor and read every single one of his hubs, especially his humorous hubs and the ones about how to write a novels and/or short stories.


Though she has stopped writing of late, JamaGenee is one truly talented author.

****And if you are into poetry, then you are in luck.


To paraphrase the immortal Tennyson:

To doubt her fairness were to want an eye,
To doubt her pureness were to want a heart

To doubt her intelligence were to want a brain

For large her violet eyes looked, and her bloom
A rosy dawn kindled in stainless heavens,
And round her limbs, mature in womanhood;
And slender was her hand and small her shape;

In other words, simply a Goddess, both in appearance and in poetic talent.


One of Ken’s poems was so good that I thought he was quoting from some well known poet.

Petra Vlah

I have come to realize why Petra is an often published poet in Romania, after she overcame her language reservations and decided to write poetry in English. What a treat it is to read her poetry.


A versatile poet who often demostrates his immense talent with humorous material.




Habee is not only literate and writes extremely well, but a very competent marketer. If you are not averse to a few dollars, you would do well to try and learn from her.

Zsuzsy Bee

Another gifted writer for whom making money seems to come secondary, but nevertheless appears to know how to do it.


A lot of people are here with the primary purpose of making an extra income and do not very much care about literary achievements. Some talented people have taken the trouble to show them how to earn those extra dollars.

A very good story about making money on HubPages, was written by


And another by

Rebecca E.

Rebecca is a really talented person and you can benefit from her talent here:

If you are not impressed with any of the above, then all I can say is that you are pretty hard to please. But if you DO visit them, then please do let them know that they are mentioned here, as it may give them a small measure of satisfaction to know how much they are appreciated, at least by me.

A Wonderfully Talented New Writer

I am particularly thankful to Gypsy Willow  for introducing me to a newcomer who is likely to leave his mark on HubPages and possibly leave the rest of us panting in his dust. I refer to  Johnny Parker, who can be found here:


Sane Advice

The Voice of Sanity regarding human relationships MUST be that of DawnM at

Other Talents

The list here is not exhaustive by any means. There are many other talented writers here on HubPages from whom we could learn and whom we SHOULD encourage to continue to write. Please do not be economical with your praise if you come across a good author and if you do, please come back and tell us here so that we can all go and visit them.

Vote for Talented New Writers!

Finally, please do not be discouraged at the beginning. It will take some time to make solid friendships with people who have the same interest as you do.

And you can start searching for future new friends by visiting this week’s candidates for the HubNuggets competition and voting for your favorite one.


Dimitris Mita

De Greek

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