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Where to get keyword Rich web contents free

Updated on August 26, 2011

Dear Reader,

Keyword rich web contents are very useful for create back links, with this your blog and page ranking will improve helping to drive targeted Search Engine traffic. With targeted search engine traffic you will be selling a lot of affiliate products online. Without targeted organic search engine traffic you will be writing a website for your personal use but not to the masses. Below is a list of sources of free keyword rich content for webmasters

1. Your own content

If you are a good writer, then you may decide to write your own keyword rich web contents, with this approach you will be able to write an article with related keywords to your main document, the disadvantage of this approach to keyword rich content development is that it is time consuming, need one to devoted free time for contents producing. You may also run out of ideas with this personal approach, with continuous production of contents you may get exhausted after a period of time

2. Free Article Directory

If you have no time producing your own keyword rich articles you can go to article directories, there are so many article directories that offers free keyword rich content, you will be able to choose from among the available contents with this many authors of these articles allow you to post their articles on your blogs, websites in exchange for a link back to their website. Example of these free article directories includes,,, and many others sources.

Keyword Rich Contents Online

Dear Reader,

3. Online Communities

You can get keyword rich articles from the many online communities by asking the participants for permission to publish the short contents on your websites, other forms of contents from online communities includes comments that these participants leave on your blogs and websites, however small the comments might appear at the beginning, but with time you will have a full page document published in your website, these kind of contents might not be very keyword rich compared to the other two but they will increase your pages search engine ranking. The online communities normally have experts who give valuable information which could be useful for your website

4. Content Encyclopedia

We have so many online information encyclopedia that you can get free information to publish on your websites and blogs and these includes dmoz, but many people will be using such sources to republish the same article in many platform hence might not attract enough targeted searching engine traffic

5. RSS Feeds

RSS "feeds" provide some of the most current and up-to-date information on a variety of subjects. With timely update of the RSS feeds you will be getting the latest news and information that your blogs and websites can utilize to increase their visibility and exposure

6. Blog keyword rich contents

To get the best keyword contents you can check on the most regularly updated blogs, these blogs have blog guest posters who offers to submit lengthy and keyword related contents as comments. You can request for such online bloggers to guest post on your websites for free


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    • EllenGraeger profile image

      EllenGraeger 7 years ago from Madrid

      Thank you for the tips, oderog. I'll try some out when I feel blocked.