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Photos disappearing from old hubs

I have been updating and tidying up some of my old hubs and have noticed a problem with some photos on my older hubs. While editing two of my older hubs, I noticed that a couple of the photos were not displaying. They are greyed out and when I browse my photos it appears that they have disappeared. I can update them without a problem, but my question is: Is it possible to tell without editing your hubs if there are problems with the photos you have uploaded which prevents them from being seen by visitors to your hubs?


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Ayu (Ayu Bi) says

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4 years ago
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    Robbie C Wilson 4 years ago

    Hi Ayu Bi, thanks for your answer. All of my photos are original and were uploaded from my computer. I don't use image URLs as I prefer to use my own photos and also URLs can change or disappear entirely.