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Question about Hub Editing: Specifically When One is Snipped.

I've noticed that sometimes when a hub of mine gets moved to one of the other sites that it gets "snipped" or edited, but when I look at the changes made the item that is being removed is an Amazon capsule that I never added to my original hub. For example my Unemployment Blues hub was moved to Tough Nickel and it was edited to remove an Amazon capsule for a book called "The JOY of NOT Working" and I would never have picked that book to advertise on my hub. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What causes it?


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Terrie Lynn (Terrielynn1) says

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7 months ago
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    C Levrow (Rusty C. Adore) 7 months ago

    I've had non-relevant capsules removed in the past, too and I totally understand why they snip those, usually I try to catch them myself before I submit a hub for consideration, but this one caught me off guard because I didn't recognize it.