What is easier? Ranking #1 in Google for a competitive keyword or ...

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    subscribingposted 5 years ago

    What is easier? Ranking #1 in Google for a competitive keyword or winning the lottery several times? Tell me what you think.

    PS: Making a quick search for the keyword: "MONEY", I see that there are: About 2,020,000,000 results (0.42 seconds) (Google 06:00 AM UTC-03:00).

    I'm pretty sure that is enough math to make you capable of winning your lottery prize in the US, UK and many other countries a lot of times over and over.

    So what you guys think of this excruciating ranking probability?

    Anybody still want to rank for a keyword such as �MONEY�?

  2. writeyourwrongs profile image51
    writeyourwrongsposted 5 years ago

    What you've got to remember is this:
    Out of those several billion results, a huge chunk of them are not going to be pages which have any interest in the slightest in ranking high in the Google search engine, meaning they are not competing.
    Out of the ones who are bothered, they may not be concentrating on the keyword 'money' as they have dismissed it as too competitive and may be concentrating on directing traffic through other keywords.
    Out of the ones actively trying to achieve a high page rank with the keyword 'Money', a large percentage are not going to know how to effectively achieve good SEO.
    The ones that are left are your competition - and boy, that competition is still going to be high. But it brings the figure for competitors down considerably.
    True, it's still going to be near impossible to get anywhere, but I think if you know what you're doing, your chances are perhaps marginally higher than winning the lottery.