Just saying....

  1. schoolgirlforreal profile image74
    schoolgirlforrealposted 5 years ago

    Did you hear /know that the main cause one of the main causes for dry eyes is staring at computer screens? See, we don't blink as much when we use them usually.

    Anything else you'd like to add that we not know? loL

  2. timorous profile image93
    timorousposted 5 years ago

    Yes, you need to blink every couple of seconds, to keep yourself from staring at anything..not just a computer. The fact that a computer screen is not as sharp as the printed page just makes matters worse.

    You also need to vary your focal length frequently, by looking away from the computer, focusing on distant objects, then closer ones. Take frequent breaks. You wouldn't read a book without looking up once in a while..hopefully.