I am drowning in email...what's the best way to get rid of it?

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  1. lorlie6 profile image74
    lorlie6posted 11 years ago

    Most of these 'communications' are unsolicited-like hair restoration ads!-though they claim I did subscribe.  I've spent most of the day unsubscribing from all of them, and I have 3,604 to go.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted and somewhat p*ssed.  No time for writing!
    I understand about 'clean-ups', have chosen to have emails deleted after 10 days, but want to know from my co-hubbers if there's something I can do today besides deleting EVERYTHING!
    Thanks so much!

  2. paradigmsearch profile image62
    paradigmsearchposted 11 years ago

    Time to get a new email address...? I know it's a pain, but looks like the spammers have discovered you big time.

    1. lorlie6 profile image74
      lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I do believe you're right, ps.  Guess it's time to open a new email account.

  3. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image86
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 11 years ago

    What a pain - I've been there before.  As Paradigmsearch said, getting a new email address might be the only permanent fix.  I had trouble with my RoadRunner email allowing anything and everything to get through.  I finally switched to a web-based service and created several accounts.  One for writing, one for consulting, one for bills, one for junk subscriptions and one for people I really do want to hear from.  It sounds like a lot to deal with, but you can consolidate them and it presorts your messages (you automatically know one addresss is for bills, for example).

    It takes quite a while to get everyone used to your new address, but eventually it does work.  Then, whenever you sign up for an online subscription or to purchase something, be sure you only use the Junk address.  Works like a charm.  Especially if you use some sort of funky name that only makes sense to you.

    Good luck!  So sorry you're going through this headache!

    1. Druid Dude profile image60
      Druid Dudeposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I have two e-mail accts...haven't been to either one in months. Sooner or later, I'm hoping that they will close thinking I have died!

      1. lorlie6 profile image74
        lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Haha!  Dead n gone-so RIP, DD!

    2. lorlie6 profile image74
      lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the great reply, Marcy-one problem I'm now having is opening a new hotmail account.  I like this service, but it seems all I'm able to do is create an alias account.  Not really what I want.

  4. WriteAngled profile image74
    WriteAngledposted 11 years ago

    I find gmail is good at filtering out the spam, of which I get about 100 messages per day.

    I rapidly scan through the spam folder to make sure any genuine messages have not got trapped (very rare event) and then delete the lot in one go.

    In terms of clearing existing junk from a mailbox, a way I found useful when I had this problem was to search for messages with certain trigger words and then delete those all at once.

    1. lorlie6 profile image74
      lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      WA. I do have a gmail account, too, but I haven't figured out how to search the emails-am I missing something?

      1. Uninvited Writer profile image76
        Uninvited Writerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        You just go to the spam folder or whatever folder you want and enter a query into the search box above

  5. Greekgeek profile image81
    Greekgeekposted 11 years ago

    Keep hitting the "Spam" button and gmail will eventually learn what you think as spam and start filtering out more messages like it.

    Even so, after you've been on the net for 20 years or so with the same address, it's amazing how many notifications one has from this or that website. I keep creating new filters and keep hitting unsubscribe, but I still can never keep up with my 500+ emails a day.

    1. lorlie6 profile image74
      lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Yup, Gg-I sure hear you!

  6. Mighty Mom profile image79
    Mighty Momposted 11 years ago

    Sounds like a great topic for a how-to hub, now that you've figured it out!
    BTW we have been wondering where you were, gf!
    Welcome back from email hell!

  7. lorlie6 profile image74
    lorlie6posted 11 years ago

    Thanks, UW-I'll give that a try!

    MM-I haven't figured ALL of it out yet, but if/when I do, I'll do just that, but no holding of breath, m'dear!  I've been on too many other websites and far too much in my own nutty head-my soon-to-be published hub will explain.
    Emails shmemails-what a nightmare.

  8. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image86
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 11 years ago

    Lorlie - I've seen the alias account term - I'm not real sure what it means, but I think it's a standard term used for email addresses.  Maybe one of our techie Hubbers can clarify.  Gmail is quite good, and I get far fewer spammy messages there.  So far.  My RoadRunner account had a horrible track record for spam - anything and everything could get through.  Also, I was tied to using RR - that was my email identity. I realized later that it's importatant to recognize you might one day change providers - so using Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or similar programs helps tremendously.

  9. tamron profile image69
    tamronposted 11 years ago

    If you have ever wrote or you are writing for Associated Content now owned by Yahoo You Might want to read this email I got.

    You may have read in press reports that Yahoo! recently confirmed an older file containing approximately 450,000 email addresses and passwords—provided by writers who had joined Associated Content prior to May 2010—was publicly posted on the Internet. This file was a standalone file that was not used to grant access to Yahoo! systems and services. This message is being sent to an email address in this compromised file.

    We are taking important steps to address this issue and have now fixed the vulnerability that led to the disclosure of the data and enhanced our underlying security controls. As a non-Yahoo! account holder, we apologize that we cannot provide you a direct means to secure your account. We strongly recommend that you employ the security mechanisms recommended by your email service provider to secure your account.

    Additionally, given the high frequency of consumers using the same login information on services across the Internet, we strongly advise users to:

    •  Change their passwords for any account they hold every few months,
    •  Use a different password for each service or website, and
    •  Create passwords using a mixture of characters, symbols, and numbers.

    We also suggest that you proactively monitor the activity on any account you have created online. Specifically, be on the lookout for spam originating from your email, and check your sign-in activity from time to time. If you see anything suspicious—like your account was accessed in Romania when you were home in Chicago—you should change your password immediately.

    We take security very seriously at Yahoo! and invest heavily in protective measures to ensure the security of our users and their data across all our products. In addition, we will continue to take significant measures to protect our users and their data.

    We sincerely apologize for this matter.
    Yahoo! Inc.

  10. JakeFrost profile image61
    JakeFrostposted 11 years ago

    I know others have said this but yes, I do think it's time for a new email address

    1. lorlie6 profile image74
      lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      JF, I just set up a new one-now I've got to decide who to let know about it.  I think I may do what Marcy mentioned: 

      "I finally switched to a web-based service and created several accounts.  One for writing, one for consulting, one for bills, one for junk subscriptions and one for people I really do want to hear from."

      That sounds like a great idea-thanks Marcy!

      1. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image86
        Marcy Goodfleischposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        So glad you like the idea, Lorlie - I was just thinking of you and your question today, when I had a sigh of relief that all my junk mail actually goes to the junk email account.  I hope you give it a try - you'll feel liberated!

        1. lorlie6 profile image74
          lorlie6posted 11 years agoin reply to this

          Marcy-how are you absolutely certain that ALL the junk mail goes there?  I need to understand before I sign up for these accounts!
          PS: Liberation sounds so...umm...freeing! smile


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