I want your Hard-Hitting Opinion: Honest & Forthright

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    Laxieposted 5 years ago

    I have looked on many sites and come across Hubpages when I was looking to write more than just poetry.  Could someone who has developed themselves as a writer give me pertinent and hard critque.  I am honestly looking only for the best to do this and would appreciate if you could name names.  Wanting the best and not accepting second best has meant a whole change in my nature.  If you like what I write - please post - I will look out for it on the forums... I'm not a great gatherer of praise nor a people pleaser - it only serves to make me soft.
    Thank You dear reader - I do appreciate your Time or the slice of your life you are giving me to read this..
    P.S. Now, here goes
    (PPS: I've tried to post this once just now and lost it in cyber space I think - so here I go again)

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      Laxieposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I have posted once elsewhere for someone else who has been severely delibitated by an illness to her brain.  I put her alias as Wrylilt's mother and put it under the section composed of make-up, bags etc.  I did not know how else to put it without breaking any known rules. If any pointers are given to help this poor woman I would be greatful.  She suffers from great fear in regards to her former husband and child.  There has also been some mis-givings since for some reason there has been an error in her Divorce papers and she is currently still married to the husband.  Her fear knows no bounds and I would hope that you could support her in reading the little piece she has agonised over many months.  Please leave anything in way of response to buoy her up.  I believe she has passion - though her love for her daughter and understanding of her daughter's father I see as a trifle too passionate for my peace of mind.  If you post - please look out with what you read and hear - I am a person who if the Law or Rules are not towed on the extreme level will cause litegation to come about.  I do not harrass anyone unless they start harrassment first.  I will not tolerate slander, nor racialist or violence to someone's culture.  I've said my piece - feel happy to say Yours.