Link value of a link from non moderated forum?

  1. IndikaT profile image76
    IndikaTposted 5 years ago

    If I create links from high PR relevant forums, will that add any seo value to my hubs? Will Google ignore these links because they are not moderated?

  2. Greekgeek profile image95
    Greekgeekposted 5 years ago

    Suggestion to save you headaches: stop thinking about PR and start thinking about whether the forum is frequented by people interested in the subject, discussing the subject.

    Start thinking about whether it's RELEVANT to your topic, and from a REPUTABLE real-world website that real people use.

    And start thinking about, "If people see my link there, will they diss me as a spammer, or consider it a great link-- which means I have to create great content-- and share it?"

    PR is a very antiquated concept, especially since the Penguin update.

    Instead, focus on relevance and whether real-world people would consider the link and the place where the link is shared relevant, interesting or useful.

    Remember, even when the old Google toolbar supposedly gave us pagerank, it wasn't actually the real pagerank used by the Google algorithm, which was calculated more often and on a different scale. The toolbar was an thumbnail estimate at best, sometimes days or weeks out of date. And pagerank was only one of over 200 factors used by the algo, even back then. With Penguin and Panda using new signals to determine relevance and how trustworthy/useful a link and website really are to users, that old toolbar PR number becomes ever more irrelevant.

    1. IndikaT profile image76
      IndikaTposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I went on to read many of your seo related hubs after reading your answer and they all helped me immensely.

      So now I know the real path to success is to create quality content and at the meantime marketing the articles in a way that everybody finds a value in it.