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  1. vanchen profile image82
    vanchenposted 5 years ago

    Hey guys,

    I don't post often on the forums, but have been an observer for a few years!  Not sure if any of you have already posted about this, but there looks to be a big Google shake-up within the next few days.  According to http://www.eddale.co/market-leadership/googageddon, it's going to be the biggest one since 2006.

    Thoughts on the matter?

    1. PaulGoodman67 profile image97
      PaulGoodman67posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I didn't think that your link was especially enlightening - but the next update could be very bad, especially for pages relying on Amazon sales, if the rumours of Google giving the top positions in search results only to companies who pay it money are true.  We'll see, I guess.

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image96
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        I'm no expert, but I've been saying for some time that Google does not like to see competitors ads on articles, especially when there are great numbers of them.  I also think this news is why HP is changing the way it does business.  HP is  quickly becoming a site for professional writers and no longer will have every mom and pop writing here just for fun...they can't afford to do so.  I think we soon will see many writers being dropped from HP with only the big money earners remaining.  Too bad...it sure was fun while it lasted!

    2. Greekgeek profile image93
      Greekgeekposted 5 years agoin reply to this


      I've been seeing "SEO is dead!" posts since about 2005, but they usually have more concrete information than this one.

      And of course, they're always wrong. Search engine algorithms are always changing, yes, but they are looking for the same thing: the most relevant results and useful results for users. So, if you're optimizing (what the "O" means, from the Latin word for "best") for relevance, and keeping what searchers WANT in mind, and using traffic stats to find out what your readers are looking for from your writing, then you are trying to satisfy searchers' needs... JUST LIKE GOOGLE... and Google does not penalize that.

      What Google penalizes is people trying to do hinkydink BS to trick search engines into thinking their content is better and more relevant than it actually is.

      Ed Dale's incredibly simplistic "SEO vs the world" cartoon is much like claiming that people who write with readers in mind instead of just writing for the pure love of writing aren't "real writers" and will fail.

      I am disappointed in Ed Dale for this post: I don't follow his work that closely, but I thought he had a little more sense. (Then again, I looked briefly into his program to see if I wanted to sign up, and decided it didn't have anything useful for me.) What's amusing is that some of the stuff he recommends is SEO. Apparently, he doesn't realize it?

      1. ronaldoh profile image76
        ronaldohposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Excellent answer, this nothing new.I find Dale is usually trying to sell you something.