Do posting on HubPages forums equals to having no life?

  1. Freud-Wise profile image60
    Freud-Wiseposted 5 years ago

    Strange, and sometimes very careless remark. I wasn't around here for a longtime. Meanwhile, Hubpages has changed, and people did too. Some of them think that posting on the forums is done by ones who have no life, or who have lots of time. Then you ALL do that! Look around!

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      Casimiroposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      No life? This is life my friend. Well, a part of it anyway. Love coming to the forums to interact and see what others are doing, communing with my fellow hubbers, passing around some hublove when I can. I don't sit in the forums for hours at a time though.

  2. Brownie83 profile image84
    Brownie83posted 5 years ago

    Quite possibly?  I'm just saying that because since my unemployment in August (consequently after completing one year of full-time coursework to obtain my Masters of Science in Nursing), I had to find an outlet other than studying for my Nurse Practitioner boards. I recently moved back to Colorado and was so excited to get back to mountain biking and hiking that I overdid it and now I sit with a bum knee and a mind that wants to go, go go. HP has provided me with that outlet and I must say it's a wonderful community. However, once I recover and return to my beloved hiking, biking and (hopefully) find a job; I most likely will not be on the forums nor will I have much time to write hubs. I've enjoyed my time on here and maybe I will be able to peek in on here once in awhile even after I've recovered and found a job. By then I'll actually have interesting hubs to write about. I do have a life right now, just not a terribly interesting one. smile