The Honest Wife (a joke)

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    Brenda Durhamposted 5 years ago

    A male driver with his wife in the car is pulled over by a cop and the following conversation takes place:

    Man: What's the problem officer?
    Cop: You were going at least 75 in a 55 zone.
    Man: No sir, I was going 65.
    Wife: Oh Harry. You know you always drive 80!
    (Man gives his wife a dirty look.)

    Cop: I'm also going to give you a ticket for your broken tail light.
    Man: Broken tail light? I didn't know about a broken tail light!
    Wife: Oh Harry, you've known about that tail light for weeks!

    (Man gives his wife another dirty look.)

    Cop: I'm also going to give you a citation for not wearing your seat belt.
    Man: Oh, I just took it off when you were walking up to the car.
    Wife: Oh  Harry, you never wear your seat belt.

    Man gives his wife another dirty look and yells "Shut your mouth, woman!"

    Cop: Ma'am, does your husband always talk to you this way?
    Wife: No, only when he's drunk!


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      paradigmsearchposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That poor guy... lol

  2. Mom Kat profile image81
    Mom Katposted 5 years ago

    That's hilarious!  Thanks for sharing.