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HubPages Exclusives - Anyone Tried It - Competitive?

  1. janderson99 profile image56
    janderson99posted 5 years ago

    Anyone tried HubPages Exclusives?  - http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/Exclusives
    My Preliminary tests showed that the titles did not appear to be competitive.
    I would have thought that this was absolutely essential for
    "Exclusives are high-potential titles that don’t already exist on HubPages"
    I think users should be aware that the competitiveness needs to be assessed -otherwise ZZZZZ

    e.g. "Touring Bicycle"  good luck with that one!

    1. Lauryallan profile image80
      Lauryallanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Maybe it's more for people to win hub of the day....

  2. livewithrichard profile image84
    livewithrichardposted 5 years ago

    I tried it and claimed a title for a hub I will work on.  It gave me a title that will probably do okay here on HP but not so well in the SERP's, at least not on its own.  Good content might allow it to be more competitive with more general keywords and phrases.

  3. janderson99 profile image56
    janderson99posted 5 years ago

    I simply don't understand why HP would be encouraging the more experienced hubbers to use non-competitive titles, which HP regards as gold-plated. Here's another one "Wonton Soup Recipe". Is this tactic for internal use within the HP site? Seems like a cure for insomnia. Maybe these titles are ZZZZ free!

  4. IzzyM profile image90
    IzzyMposted 5 years ago

    I'm in the process of trying it too. I grabbed a title that relates to a specific niche I write on, but will need some research on my part.

    I think its a wonderful idea for folk like me who have an idea for a hub, but can't think of a decent title.

    Whether or not it is a good, researched title that we have a hope of competing against the current top of the SERPS is another matter.

    I like the challenge, all the same.

    A hub title alone does not make a great hub, the rest is up to us.

  5. Hollie Thomas profile image59
    Hollie Thomasposted 5 years ago

    I actually think it's a great idea. I'm rubbish with titles, and a good title can help you to stay really focused when you are writing your hub.

    1. IzzyM profile image90
      IzzyMposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree.

      When we do private work for clients, they tell us the title and what they want the article to be about.

      I love having the freedom to write on whatever I want to write about, but at the same time my titles are terrible.

      I've been getting better at titles, but sometimes I have wasted 2 or 3 days just trying to think of a good title for a hub that takes me half an hour to write.

      1. janderson99 profile image56
        janderson99posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        In my opinion the title should be developed from your keyword research - start with autosuggest - pick a couple of phrases, test their competitveness and then combine them into a longtail. IMO If a title ain't competitive it ain't no good!


        1. formosangirl profile image81
          formosangirlposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          I just tried it and of all of the new features, I really like this one. I am terrible with titles, and I am always writing about some subject that is too narrow. So, I can use one topic and spin it into another one, like mashing of two songs. So, I took as an exclusive "How To Keep A Lucky Coincidence Journal for Stress Relief." That's something that seems more interesting than a mere article on serendepity.