Create a Separate Page to Highlight Rigorous Contest Winners

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    GoldenThreadPressposted 5 years ago

    With all the wonderful Hubs, would it be possible to create a page (like our "Topic" pages) to highlight either just the Rigorous Review Contest Winners or include all the submissions but put a "blue ribbon" or something like that by the winning Hubber's pict?

    It gets very confusing with all the posts and comments to be able to really enjoy reading the submissions, plus it might be great advertising for a "one-stop" Hubber-winner site. It would be great to celebrate the hard work of our winners and even those Hubber's submitting their Hub's for inclusion into the Rigorous Review Contest.

    And one more thought: You could even have a "Winner's Circle" where the Contest Winner's Hubs are placed on one page and a ribbon placed by each Hubber's pict explains what contest they won. You could rotate these out as new winner emerge, but again, this would make it easier for others to view these Hubs, plus give us newbie Hubbers a chance to see what it takes to create a "winning" Hub. (Comments could be allowed or disallowed on this page only, per HP discretion.)

    Just a thought.--Deb