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I am new to hub pages and would love some advice!

  1. OhioGrant profile image68
    OhioGrantposted 5 years ago

    Would anyone be willing to check out my hubs and offer me some constructive critisim?

    1. agilitymach profile image99
      agilitymachposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I read your hub on the Dolphins.  A few things...

      Hubs need to be media rich.  People want images.  This hub is just text, and my first impulse was to click away from it.  On the internet, people don't want to see only words.  Shoot, we don't want to see only words in newspapers!!

      Go to the Learning Center and discover how to get free pictures and how to give proper credit to those pictures.  I use Wikimedia Commons a lot if I don't have pictures of my own.

      Also, look to link video.  Could you find a youtube link of a recent Dolphins press conference?  That might be interesting for a reader to view.

      You do have a tendency to ignore paragraphs.  Readers feel stuck with large chunks of text, and will leave your site.  Be sure to make proper paragraphs rather than making a huge chunk of text.

      Visit other hubs and see how people are using media to make their hubs more jazzy and fun. 

      Lastly, this topic is not "evergreen" in the slightest.  It will be old in just a few months, if not weeks.  Because of that, you won't get much money off of it as it won't have time to "ripen" on the Internet.  You may want to focus more on evergreen topics rather than trendy, today topics.

      Go to the learning center and learn some more.  Your writing is pretty good, and what you had to say was interesting.  You just need to work on how to present it in the Internet culture. smile

      Keep up the good writing!!!

  2. Pearldiver profile image80
    Pearldiverposted 5 years ago

    # 1 Ditch Completely All Bold Text and avoid doing it again - Readers Hate it!

    # 2 Break up your work... one continuous text becomes monotonous and hard to read... also shows that the writer has no consideration for the reader!  Use more text capsules, or at least paragraphs!

    # 3 End your first paragraph with - 'another place.'

    # 4 start your next with 'He dreams......' ending with, 'light of the fire.'

    # 5 start your next with 'He is drawn to it....' ending with, 'the one who created it.'

    # 6 start your next with 'New sounds fill......' ending with, 'night sky.'

    # 7 NOW... Add a final paragraph to tie it all together in a tangible way! Give your readers the reason why your writing is important - you do that with the message that is endorsed within your final paragraph - you might even advise them of how to buy a particular product, or the benefits of joining a group... whatever.... it is your Sell paragraph - which means you must deliver them a benefit that will leave them thinking "Wow... what a great intro... I must have one of those!" You read it as a reader and you will see... you leave them floating... great skill that btw... but only, if you can bring them down again, or fly them to where you want them to be!

    Excellent writing effort though mate... I only had time to check out your Drum hub... but I'm sure... my comments will relate to them all... Put them into edit mode and get rid of ALL the bold text... good writers don't need to highlight their work like that... that's what punctuation is for!
    Hope my pointers help you to gain your confidence and your goals.. take care.. PD

    1. OhioGrant profile image68
      OhioGrantposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you very much! I didn't even realize that the entire article was in bold! But I really liked your advice about splitting it up and finishing up in an informative way. I will very likely do just that. Thanks!