vacation message feature

  1. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 9 years ago

    I have several hubs that are really heavy on Q&A action from my readers.  When I'm traveling, I frequently have long stretches where I'm somewhere with zero internet access, and questions pile up.  For example, I'm about to be on the road in Las Vegas and then Costa Rica for three weeks.  The week in Vegas will be no problem, but the retreat in Costa Rica has no electricity on the land, so it's not even got lights, let alone internet connections.

    I'd love if HubPages made some sort of "on vacation" feature that could be turned on and off, which popped up a message for those folks or sent them a little email, letting them get some sort of pre-set note from me informing them I'll be getting to their question as soon as I can.  Since many visitors aren't registered site users, my preference would be for some sort of message that appears on the Hub after they post their comment.

    I'm pretty sure there are some other Hub authors who'd find this useful too.